​How2 know Your purpose on earth

There Are two important days in a man’s life. The day he was born And The Day He Finds Out Why. Show me your flaws and I’ll tell you why you were born. We humans have preprogrammed patterns of behavior which help teach us lessons which we must learn so as to serve our purpose … Continue reading ​How2 know Your purpose on earth


​Christianity Vs Islam.

Who is right? I mean, really? IN CHRISTIANITY The only way to heaven is through Jesus. And I hear some of them worship a woman and repent their sins to a man. Buddhism Buddhists worship a person. ISLAM You only get to see heaven when you worship Allah. Hinduism Last I checked those guys worship … Continue reading ​Christianity Vs Islam.

Advantages & Demerits of Self-Publishing.

Just like everything else in the world self publishing has it’s own positives and negatives. Advantages Of Self publishing. 1.Your reader gets the message as you wanted them to. When you go down the road of traditional publishing, your book must be ‘corrected’ and rewritten by the editors. This, mostly ends up in the editor … Continue reading Advantages & Demerits of Self-Publishing.


1.Act Porn This goes to those people who don’t care about what people say. Otherwise who doesn’t have sex? My mentor Donald J Trump says in his book THINK LIKE A BILLIONAIRE   that Bad Publicity is a no go. It is lame. But at any rate, it is far much better than no publicity at all. … Continue reading How2 be A CELEBRITY

​How2 Write A Self-Help Book

1.Write as if you are writing to one person. The key factor to your book not to look like a boring college lecture is making it ‘conversational.’ Know your target audience first. Let’s say your target audience is fat people who want to cut weight. Narrow your audience down to one single person and write … Continue reading ​How2 Write A Self-Help Book

​Introverts Hate Shallow Socializing, Not People.

There is a big difference between being lonely and being an introvert. There was this girl back in college who used to think that I was unhappy or lonely just because I was always in my house. What she didn’t know is I actually enjoyed staying in my house alone. Up to this very moment … Continue reading ​Introverts Hate Shallow Socializing, Not People.

​Blogging,How2 Have a BLOG That Kicks Butt.

4 TIPS. 1.Master this simple but effective SEO tool of Fresh Content. We all want our blog posts to show up on search engines such as Google right? Search engines like fresh content and they can find out how often you blog. When I started blogging, my posts would only appear on (not big time) … Continue reading ​Blogging,How2 Have a BLOG That Kicks Butt.

​F*ck WOMEN Empowerment.

That shit is doing more harm than good. And below are two points as to why I think women empowerment is a bad idea 1.IT’S LEADING TO END IN FAMILY LIFE(MARRIAGE) The more women get to the workforce, the higher the rate of divorce cases. This is because women think that BECAUSE I HAVE MY … Continue reading ​F*ck WOMEN Empowerment.

​Want A New Life? This is for you

1.MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR PAST First things first,,, Reach out to the people who hurt you and explain how you felt about it and forgive them.  You not gonna talk to them again anyways so no shame in it. Eliminate old destructive habits and adopt new constructive ones. Moving to a new town without changing … Continue reading ​Want A New Life? This is for you

​Fiction Book Writing

Writing a fiction book be it action or whatever, is all about ‘creating your own world.’ Fiction writers create their own worlds with languages and cultures of their choice. HOW TO ‘CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD.’ 1.what’s the time in your world? The past,present or future. Identify your target audience. People like me love movies and … Continue reading ​Fiction Book Writing