​Why we look down on ourselves

This is a question that I get asked a lot and I have been a victim before, so i decided to write this article to tell people what I wish I was told more than ten years ago. Below are four points on why we look down on ourselves. 1. The first and most common … Continue reading ​Why we look down on ourselves

​December is overrated

I do not mean to be an as*hole but in my opinion, everyone and their mothers really overrate the month December.  In my country, the only benefit you get from the month December is getting new clothes and eating chapati. Those two things are HEAVEN here, the rest I find overrated. Below are some of … Continue reading ​December is overrated

​Authors are Miserable Sick Loners

          The pages of history are filled with evidence that writers are just some miserable sick loners living in denial and trying to seek approval from everyone out there. I have shared with you my observations below after studying most blogs about writing. 1.Most of these writers are drunkards.  As written … Continue reading ​Authors are Miserable Sick Loners


Like a wise man once pointed out, once you learn to read you'll forever be free. I got to admit that there are advantages to both but one outweighs the other by far. Below are five reasons as to why you should be reading instead of watching the TV.  1. First of all, reading pushes … Continue reading ​WHY READING BOOKS IS BETTER THAN WATCHING TV


So you are short,broke and ugly? so what? Will you sit on the floor and cry like the little b*tch you are or will you do something about it like a man. It is all the other things that make up for your inability. There are lots of things that you can do to get … Continue reading SO YOU ARE SHORT,BROKE AND UGLY