Like a wise man once pointed out, once you learn to read you’ll forever be free. I got to admit that there are advantages to both but one outweighs the other by far. Below are five reasons as to why you should be reading instead of watching the TV.
 1. First of all, reading pushes us to use our imagination because you get to figure out everything by yourself in an example of visualizing a character whereas in the TV set why would you visualize something that you can see already. This boosts one’s creativity. 

2.Reading boosts one’s IQ.  There is a one on one correlation between voracious reading and intellectual accomplishments. People who succeed academically read extensively.

3.Books are portable.  You can carry around a book that you are currently reading if need be but a TV set? Good luck doing that.

4.Books don’t need a power source to be read. I come from a country where lights going off is a norm and I find it funny how those that call me a nerd get frustrated when lights go off when watching their favorite movie and am there very busy reading my LAST KINGDOM SERIES and enjoying every second of it.

5.Better decision making. A reader makes informed decisions because reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own

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