​You are not a real man if…

I’ve seen on many occasions some men being called GIRLS, as in the case of Justin Bieber so I conducted a research to know what makes up a man and a real one at that. You are not a real man if:

1.If you’ve never smelled your armpits in order to decide whether you should take a bath or you can make it to the next day..or the day after. 

2.If you have never taken passport (washing your face,hands and armpits) instead of washing the whole body. This is recommended by the doctor, health.com says that one should shower at least twice a week.

3.If you don’t fart while urinating. These men never even have male children at the  bargain..conclusion by Dr.Emmanuel

4.If you’ve never been slapped by a girl. A real man is outgoing and daring and he occasionally finds himself having a woman’s fingerprints on his face after grabbing women’s *** or stealing kisses.

5. If you are Lightskin. A real man is supposed to be the definition of darkness, these Lightskins are just dolls that girls take pics with.

Its my birthday BTW so


If you find yourself lacking in these qualities, please consult a doctor. You need to boost your testosterone levels. 

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