​How to deal with TOXIC PARENTS

Being raised by a toxic parent is the worst experience on earth. They believe that they have this divine superiority over you and treat you like some slave controlling every aspect of your life.

 They impose all their failures on you. Being raised by toxic parents sucks up all the energy and self esteem of a child as they are forced to simply survive in the house instead of living in the house. You find it hard to develop your personality the way a child without toxic parents would.

 Your IQ drops, I don’t know, but, children from wealthy and stable families tend to be smarter in class (on average) than those who meet negativity and World war lll on reaching home. 

There is a close relationship between IQ and environment.

 You are forced to be a good liar to avoid blow ups with your parents and like me, you get to trust no one in this world because your own parents can’t be trusted. Below are a few suggestions on how you should deal with toxic parents.

1.leave their ass

 This can be done by simply walking out and banging the door behind you and never coming back again. Go to another country if possible and start over. The road to happiness and that leading to misery lead to opposite directions, there is no compromise. Leave or stay, your choice.

2.If you are below eighteen years of age all you can do is  please look for a way to earn and save money and be patient since you can’t leave the house with nowhere to go. Patience is a virtue so play along, the sun will rise soon.

3.Spend most of your free time reading. Not only will this aid in avoiding confrontation with your parents but also  increase your IQ. For more information about the advantages of reading please check out my article   https://emmanuelrockan.wordpress.com/2017/11/27/%e2%80%8bwhy-reading-books-is-better-than-watching-tv/

If you have liked the article please feel free to share YOUR OPINION on the comment section below and share the article with your friends too…and if you like reading history fiction books “Vikings” please check out my book THE NORTHMEN OF MONTECARA on Amazon. Thanks

24 thoughts on “​How to deal with TOXIC PARENTS

  1. I was abused until I was 14 by my mom. I was physically thrown out by my stepdad and the last thing I remember is looking towards her for help and seeing her smiling, she enjoyed seeing me hurt. I was a good kid too. Honor Roll every year of elementary and an artistic athlete. I left my home state at 21 and never looked back. I’m now 27 with a family of my own and I’ve never been happier. She taught me what NOT to do as a parent. I’m still a good person. They couldn’t break me.

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  2. “Be patient. The sun will rise soon”. That is so important to impart to hurting young people. They need to know that the situation they are in doesn’t last forever. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. So sorry to hear your story and wishing that the situation has changed/improved for you. As you rightly say, you have to be patient – there is not much you can do to take yourself out of the situation while you are not earning unless some kind person rescues you.
    But you know, I disagree a little about ‘wealthy’ parents because they can be just as toxic. I think parents who are not financially well-off but are loving, kind and encouraging can raise your self-esteem and though you might not be living in a wealthy environment, you can still do well.
    Best wishes for a wonderful future!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and i get your point though On wealthy parents I was talking about IQ,,, it is scientifically proven that if twin brothers who are of the same IQ are raised in rich and poor environments all factors constant (like both having loving parents) the one from the rich family will score better grades,,search it on Google

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      1. Really? I had no idea! What was the scientific experiment? I’d be interested to know. I just thought that if you had a high IQ it was through natural ability – I had no idea that wealth influenced your IQ.


      2. I also Googled as you suggested and I also saw this which seems to contradict the view:
        Delinquency in Society – Page 77 – Google Books Result


        Regoli, ‎John D. Hewitt, ‎Matt DeLisi – 2016 – ‎Medical
        “Judith Rich Harris answers the question, “Do parents have any important long-term effects on the development of their child’s personality?” with a resounding “No!” She contends that the peer relationships that children form with other children are primarily responsible for inculcating culture and modifying innate personality …”
        Interesting wouldn’t you say?

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  4. As a retired teacher, I will weigh in with wealth is not as important as having enough money so that every waking minute doesn’t have to be focused on survival. Even if it is, some parents just have the inner fortitude and/or faith to be overcomers in that situation and pass it on to their children. So sad to live with toxic parents. LOVE is the important factor in the home.

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      1. Thank u so much…. its for the first time somebody ever told me I’m here for uh… thank u for this kindness.. god bless uh

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