​Why you should date a writer

Below are 5 reasons as to why you should date a writer

1.Writers are inexpensive

I’ve seen poor people get rich and go back to being poor due to minor causes which would be prevented. A small leak can sink a ship so the last thing you want is a significant other who is a spender. 

Writers are the people you’d never spend sleepless nights thinking about what expensive dress or Jewelry to buy them on their birthday because all you need to do is buy them a book or write them one and are always at home in pajamas

 (Not so expensive right?). Which leads us to the next point.

2.Writers are flexible

Most writers operate from the comfort of their beds and aren’t employed by anyone so in that case you can move with her to Rome, or Japan, or Kenya, or… if need be

3.Writers are responsible

These guys mean business. A person who has in them the ability to finish what they start is a person I respect and admire. Writing a manuscript to the end is easier said than done. It takes real commitment and just imagine if that commitment is translated to your relationship.

4.Writers are creative

These guys think outside the box which becomes quite useful in decision making or when faced with adversity. They’ll always find a way around something.

5.writers are passionate

Writers are so damn passionate of what they do. 

They spend months writing a book only to be rejected by the publishers,, but what do they do? They keep on revising their books

and submitting them again and again until they get it done.

 Imagine that kind of passion translated to your relationship.


With all that said, if you already are dating a writer you should consider yourself lucky. It’s quite a blessing really, and if I were to date or get married to someone, it would be a writer.


56 thoughts on “​Why you should date a writer

  1. I’m sharing this with my writing friends who are married, and those who are single. Our spouses and significant others have learned about the benefits of loving a writer, but I think they’d add a few disadvantages: your writer/lover can get distracted at times; don’t take your writer/lover to a party, she’ll/he’ll start interviewing the guests for dialogue ideas for her/his book-in-progress; your writer/lover will wake you up sometimes in the middle of the night, with the light on, while she/he is writing down a dream that could be just perfect for the next chapter.
    🙂 But what lovable, generous, introspective, generous people, writers are. Fun post, thanks! 🙂

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    1. Hilarious … you’re spot on!
      Even yesterday, spending a day out with my husband, I was working out my blog and taking photographs for said post (one step up from selfies I suppose) but while I don’t spend anything whilst reading and writing, I do disappear from reality. But that’s some of the reason I give myself the time to do so!

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  2. It is my dream and fantasy, like my biggest fantasy to be with a writer who can express me everything through his beautiful words and I can revert with same passion. It’s like the union caused by words and feelings rather than sex.

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