​Fear of Happiness(Cherophobia)

Have you ever avoided being happy just because you thought that something bad would happen to you for being happy?

If this is something you’ve experienced then I am sorry to say that you are a cherophobe.

Cherophobia is an attitude towards happiness in which a person may deliberately avoid experiences that invoke happiness.

This is the belief that when an individual becomes happy , a negative event will soon occur that will taint their happiness, as if that individual is being punished for satisfaction.

I am a cherophobe and I’ve been like so for a long time now. I can recall  way too many occasions that I was like MAN THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE IS SO GOOD that what might happen next must be pretty bad.

 I don’t plan to spend the rest of my life as a cherophobe so I did my own research and came up with four practical ideas on how to overcome this fear.

Here they are…

1.Focus on the NOW

 We can mindfully stay present when life is uncomfortable by not checking out when things get bad. This encourages us to fully embrace the present moment and increases our keenness.


This is done by replacing a negative thought which in our case is fearing happiness, with positive thoughts like YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

3.Face it.

It is proven that the best way to overcome our fears is by facing them. Take for instance, I used to fear diving in a swimming pool and not until January this year that I decided to face it because I had tried all other methods and failed.

I used to think that if I dived, I’d reach the bottom of the swimming pool and break my fingers or if It was a deep pool I’d go so far down that I wouldn’t make it back to the top alive.

I went ahead and dived 

and nothing happened. I was so proud of myself that I spent three hours diving only.

In our case here, just dare to be happy and as much as you can and see what happens. Nothing will happen.

4.Quit watching soap opera

This was the main cause of my cherophobia. If you’ve ever watched a soap opera, any soap opera, you must have seen the moments when everyone is happy then something bad happens.

This is so serious that the only moment the actors of soap operas are happy and truly happy is when the villain is dead and it’s the last episode.


Cherophobia is just a phobia like any other so I’d strongly advise you to go with option number three

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60 thoughts on “​Fear of Happiness(Cherophobia)

  1. Hey, Happy Holidays. I think people who are cherophobe need to go out more and know that there’s always ups and downs and happiness is not the reason. I’m glad you’re done with it.

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  2. We watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” last night. I bet Lucy would have given Charlie Brown such an label for 5 cents, but no useful suggestions… except that he was afraid of everything. Keep persevering. -Oscar

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  3. Kudos to you for taking the dive!! Many of the masters tell us to face our fears and they will slowly dissolve. At this stage of my life I find that I just keep moving forward in faith. I don’t have time to worry about what will happen next. Because I have come to realize that my projections are usually much worse than anything that does happen. I agree that we are all worthy of being happy, or perhaps more accurately, of experiencing joy in our lives. I agree to live in the moment. For the future hasn’t yet happened and it dependent on what you do now. Thank you for sharing this and Happy Holidays!

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  4. Well, that is very interesting. Thank you. I grew up with that fear that there is happening something very bad if I loose control over me and just feel very happy. It took a long time – decades, to be honestly – to overcome this cherophobia.

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  5. Interesting point about soap operas. Never really followed them religiously. Though I’d watch some, and it would also depend which ones you’re watching (day time soaps, country, etc.). If you want to see a nation of cherophobes, come to Hungary. I literally got told – by a girl my age no less – when I was in college here that I was too happy. Told the girl to stop talking to me then.

    But I’ve had cherophobe phases, too. Channeling my inner Hungarian no doubt. Always good to have a reminder.


  6. In the last year I learnt how to ride a motorcycle, then within a few months I went to a larger one. I’m terrified of it almost every time I ride it. But I live in the moment and face my fear and this I am not afraid of the bliss that comes hand in hand. Thankful for your insightful post!

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  7. Have a Merry X’mas ❤ This is also one of those insane superstitions in some cultures. Like, I’ve heard some say, on one of those days you’re having a laugh riot and hilarious things just happen all day long… “you guys are laughing too much, you gonna cry later..” XD someone actually said that to me once, I was like “bitch, what the hell”


  8. I think we’ve all experienced that fear on some level at some time. Your remedies are good ones. It’s funny you mention soap operas, because they really do feed the low vibration and need for a dramatic life. Also, I think you’ve hit on the biggest
    fear…not deserving. That’s usually the underlining factor in fearing happiness will go sour. I suspect if we could get our thoughts and emotions (hearts) around the fact that happiness is our true nature and the state that is desired for us by God, then it would be easier to receive it. Gratitude is a good way to receive happiness. Thank you for this eye opening post, Emmanuel (a truly happy name), and God bless your blog.


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  9. I really enjoyed this post… I didn’t even realize there was a name for that type of feeling… it’s something I do all the time… I can never fully enjoy a happy moment because I spend most of that time anticipating the bad I’m sure that’s going to come. Thank you for sharing this and the positive advice as well 🙂

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