​500 followers in 4 weeks

Meet and Greet (Bloggers)

I have been a blogger on WordPress for four weeks now and I am really grateful for the love am getting here on WordPress so I’ve decided to give back to “the society” by giving you guys a chance to advertise your blogs in the comment section below.

I’ve seen people come and go but there are those guys who have been with me from the beginning so I’d like to give a big shout out to them.


2.Double Dacres


Please check out their blogs and I hope that I’ll live long enough to mention them again together with other new loyal friends next month when I get to 1000 followers.

For the rest of my new 500 friends, this is how it’s gonna go down..

1.You will  share the link to your blog in the comment section below and write a short description of your blog.

2. Follow the person who likes your comment.

3.Follow the person who follows you.

If you wish to learn my “secret sauce” on blogging please check out my article Perfect blogger tips


181 thoughts on “​500 followers in 4 weeks

  1. That’s quite the growth on the one platform. Do you also share it to other platforms?
    My blog is poetry, prose, and classic poetry centered around the grand scheme of being living kintsukuroi (Japanese pottery having been broken is mended with gold, increasing its value and beauty by showing the brokenness rather than trying to hide it or pretend it isn’t there). I started it in May after having my foot amputated; I felt like it was time to share my journey. It has morphed to something beyond what I initially expected! thekintsukuroilife.wordpress.com

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  2. Can this be any better! Clicked 500 in 4 weeks is no joke! Congratulations Emmanuel! ☺️

    Thanks for liking the post on my blog.. and link to the most recent post is this..

    I prefer sharing my thoughts on everything and anything that I like the most .. and most of them turn out to be motivational and personal posts.. in short I try to keep them all simple and easy to understand!

    Hope you will like em too Emmanuel! Wish the same with everyone out there.. 😊

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