​White people are better than us.

No matter what black power shit, no matter what whatever it is shit, white people will always be better. Take something simple like wearing a safety belt for example. I bet that in the whole of Africa right now only ten or less than ten people are wearing safety belts. White people wear safety belts. … Continue reading ​White people are better than us.

How2 know your life is about2 change

1.You feel haunted Past experiences start coming at you like ghosts. Things that you did wrong that you think you’d have done better given the chance again. This mostly comes in form of regret and you keep beating yourself up over nothing. 2.You feel bored You start feeling bored because you’ve already got rid of … Continue reading How2 know your life is about2 change

​How2 deal with Anxiety/Overthinking.

Overthinking is caused by thinking too much about the future. The one sure way of dealing with anxiety/overthinking is to live in the moment. Something that most of us haven’t really understood how to go about it. This topic is discussed In detail in a self-help book by the title THE POWER OF NOW. Please … Continue reading ​How2 deal with Anxiety/Overthinking.

​Eating In A 5 Star Hotel.

Do not embarrass yourself like I did. Before joining the university to study Hospitality and Tourism Management I hadn’t known anything about eating or how you should eat in some places and I ended up embarrassing myself big time. I have written this article to teach you guys just one simple trick to make sure … Continue reading ​Eating In A 5 Star Hotel.


1.Blog for a niche in your target audience This is the best way to rewrite your blog posts of the past which make no sense just being there  because no one is reading them anyways. I have blogs like  WHY AREN'T THEY READING MY BLOG  which are good and no one is reading them because they … Continue reading ​7 BLOGGING IDEAS.

​How2 sleep in 5 minutes.

Have you ever seen these people who sleep as soon as they close their eyes and wondered HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY DO THIS SHIT? I have spent the last 22 years of my life wondering how it happens too. To most of the type, it happens naturally but below are a few guidelines (4 tips) … Continue reading ​How2 sleep in 5 minutes.

​Why Marriages break & Solution

I have this auntie of mine who I went to visit immediately after highschool.  she really shocked me telling us to close our eyes so she could pray for the food before eating. Praying is not a bad thing. The bad thing is praying just to please your new boyfriend. Because last time I checked, … Continue reading ​Why Marriages break & Solution

​How2 know Your purpose on earth

There Are two important days in a man’s life. The day he was born And The Day He Finds Out Why. Show me your flaws and I’ll tell you why you were born. We humans have preprogrammed patterns of behavior which help teach us lessons which we must learn so as to serve our purpose … Continue reading ​How2 know Your purpose on earth