Now that I have your attention let’s talk about God.

No, actually our today’s subject is marriage.

Marriage IS NOT based on love.

And I don’t know WTF came up with that stupid theory.

If it were JUST based on love you wouldn’t hear of any divorce.

Sex, however, is the determining factor. Accompanied by romance.

The disharmonies which are often expressed in the form of NAGGING are caused by ignorance on the subject of sex.

The main reason as to why a man will lose interest in his wife and start ‘looking at the menu’ is because the wife lacks knowledge on the subject of sex.

There is no disharmony between a couple where  the emotion of sex, love and romance abide.

Why you should know your place

The woman who understands her man’s desire to satisfy her in any way and caters for that need, needs to fear not competition from anyone.

He’s for her for keeps.

I like women who appreciate and behave like women.

If I talk to a woman who is looking at me straight in the eye without blinking I back off.

That shit scares the shit out of me.

I mean, is it a man that am talking to here?

No matter how tough a woman is, she is always shy around a man that she loves.

The goose bumps and butterflies can’t allow her to look at you and just talk to you in a ‘business as usual’ manner.

A man too is not to allow his wife to lose interest in him.

I am always hitting the gym and hustling as hard as possible to be everything my queen hoped to have as a husband.

Marriages which aren’t blessed with eternal affinity of love in proportion to sex never last a year.

Sex,love and romance bring about financial stability

In a relationship where love, sex and romance abide, a genius is born.

They bring one to communion with infinite intelligence.

I’ll write an article on INFINITE INTELLIGENCE tomorrow for those that don’t know what it is.

It is a ‘genius state’ which one is elevated to, enabling him to come up with the best of best business ideas known to mankind.

A business Idea like that of the CocaCola company.

Many men have attained success through this.

A man like Napoleon Bonaparte.

He rose to great levels of achievement by the sole influence of his wife and became a loser and a desperate son of a gun soon after kicking her out of his life and replacing her with a younger woman.

Another good example is this Kenyan in the short video clip below who became the president of the United States of America.


Love alone is not enough to guarantee a happy couple.

But the combination of Love, sex and romance not only does it guarantee TILL DEATH DO US PART, but also guarantees financial stability.

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114 thoughts on “SEX

  1. One has to mix, blend the three aspects listed above, in order to have a successful marriage. My woman was my life coach, and I paid attention,keeping her satisfied and being attentive to her needs. That made staying by her side, when she was dying, a whole lot easier. Another blogger, Robert, says that love is the most overused word in the English language. I can see where he gets that. “Love” is often used, to mean sex or romance. Real love goes way deeper than that.

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  2. It goes both ways my friend. Women are equally as powerful as men in business, so we have to have an equally as powerful gaze. This might not be the quality that you are looking for in a wife or partner but it doesn’t make the woman any less attractive or desirable. Women know their worth these days. And understanding a persons role as a spouse and lover works both ways. Women become disinterested in sex when they become disinterested in their spouse for a multitude of reasons. If a spouse becomes disinterested it’s best to get to the root of the problem but opening up dialogue and asking questions.

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  3. You are right
    I feel it’s really admirable and attractive when a women is firm and bold. Women don’t have to be shy or pretend to be shy infront of her man.
    I really liked this post but I have a little different opinion on women being shy and meek.

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  4. Also there is the factor of compromise in certain areas it’s not always what the man wants and it’s not always what the woman wants.Its about meeting each other halfway and respect and appreciation for each other goes a very long way.

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