How to live Happily. (Happiness)

1.Don’t be in a hurry to get married

Life is like a buffet where you’ll come across vegetables and salads first while the sweet grilled meat is at the far end.

If you fill your plate with vegetables you’ll have no space for the yummy stuff.

This life is not going anywhere.

The biggest mistakes people do are the ones that are done with a YOLO mindset.

YOLO will kill you before your time my friend.

Okay so if life is short you want to get married 100 times and have 200 children even before you are 30 years of age right?

Marriage has 99 problems man.

And the biggest problem is that people don’t get married because they want to.

It’s because of peer pressure and nothing good comes with peer pressure.

I am 22 and I am very much financially stable compared to my age mates and I can’t get married because first of all there is no one to marry.

And second, I want to get married at age 30 when am really mature and financially stable to give my wife anything she wants.

2.Have something to do and someone to believe in.

An idle man is a miserable man.

When you are busy you have no time for negative people and negativity.

You also need someone to believe in.

God has no religion.

So you can be a Muslim, Christian or whatever but believe in a superior being.

It is only in God that you can find peace.

More about happiness is in my book which is will be published by the end of March.

I have explained everything about living a happy life there in detail.

It’s a self-help book.

3.Have an older and wiser friend

This aids in good decision making.

Life is very unforgiving. You are always one mistake away from a miserable life.

I know a school girl who wanted to ‘own’ her working class boyfriend by getting herself pregnant who then dumped her after knowing she’s pregnant.

Now she has a baby who is always making noise for her crying all night.

A baby who she can’t support because her parents are extremely poor and she has no where to go.

She has no education.

If she had an older and wiser friend she wouldn’t be in problems.
4.Be kind

Being kind involves many things.

It is not always about the money.

Being there when somebody needs you just to talk to them is the best thing you can give to someone.

Your time.

I can’t give a single cent of mine to anyone (god I work for 21hrs a day) but I am always there for people if they need me as a person.

This involves empathy too.

Just because you are right it doesn’t mean am wrong.

5+5=10 and 2×5=10

Empathy has a lot to do with thinking outside the box.

I heard somebody say that he hates Donald Trump. And he calls him a fool.

Reason being ‘he hates black people and Arabs.’

That’s stupidity.

What I see when Donald Trump says he doesn’t like black men is AN HONEST MAN.

Those are my kind of people. Real people.

And a man who can turn a 3 Billion dollar debt around to a net worth of 10 Billion Dollars and become a US president is no where in the lines of a fool.

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59 thoughts on “How to live Happily. (Happiness)

  1. Happy to hear that you’ll wait till you are more mature, by your age many feel they already have the answers, yet theres still so much to learn and experience.
    Talking of hate, we’re not born to hate we’re taught, and most of it is from ignorance. I think Donald needs to evaluate his words before they leave his mouth, as his speaking to many different people who can see his views from different perspectives. his meant to be a leader, thats not the correct way to lead.
    I love this ‘Just because you are right it doesn’t mean am wrong.
    5+5=10 and 2×5=10’

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    1. About maturity
      I have seen people suffer due to silly mistakes which were avoidable..
      I know of a lady who rose to being a millionaire and now she’s one of the poorest people I know..due to small mistakes.
      About Trump
      Okay he’s my mentor. Business wise he’s a genius,,
      The problem comes in when he uses the rules of business in politics

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      1. hmm I’m more inclined to learn from the mistakes others have gone through like the millionaire lady you know.
        Your still young don’t forget to have lots of fun now you have the energy.
        Trump as a mentor,’m still not convinced. his interesting to watch I’ll give it that haha

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      2. Interesting he is though I like the businessman side of him.
        This political one NO.
        He has said NO to immigrants now how am I supposed to live in my dream country USA in the next 5 years,,,
        That affects me..I hate him now

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      3. He is a genius in business and he’s a genius Author too with his best selling book THE ART OF THE DEAL.
        He has 2 TV shows called THE APPRENTICE and he is into real estate.
        He owns a building which is not far from a sky scraper..
        He’s a Titan


  2. 1. I over all agree with you. I wouldn’t per say rush into marriage, I think too often people settle. Not just under peer pressure, but for other reasons. They settle for say less than maybe what they deserve, or it is just suiting at the time. I don’t believe in divorce, at a very young age I said I will only marry once so I want to make the right choice. Divorce happens for many reasons, but I think can be avoided when not settling, when finding someone you truly know, love, care for unconditionally and are compatible with. I wouldn’t say don’t marry too young, that there should be an age limit. There are rare cases young couples (I am not saying teens or like 20, but let’s say 24-26) and they do fall madly in love and they feel that is their soul mate or the one that is for them. If they choose to get married or at least know they are settling down planning to get married, I won’t judge. Because like you shouldn’t let life slip away, you shouldn’t let people you are close to or what have you slip away either. Life won’t wait nor will people. So I do agree don’t get married too young and definitely don’t rush into it, but the person should know in their heart when they met their one and only. And when it’s time. If that makes sense?
    2. I personally don’t believe in a superior being to pray to, have faith in or to give myself hope. I truly believe my faith and hope comes from within me, I create my happiness, I learn or not learn from my mistakes, only I can better myself or a situation. I don’t depend on anyone else for that and I don’t need too. That is a personal belief, and not anything more. For those who have faith in a superior being that is a choice that I have nothing against, all I ask is for the same respect in return and not to be told my beliefs are dumb, wrong etc. What I question and could possibly believe in is say other life in the universe, a superior being may have created us etc. We are a spec in our universe, and there is so many unanswered questions. We all want answers, I am okay with not knowing, but until we know I don’t rule out any possibility. I just don’t believe God in a religious sense or someone is watching over me personally.
    3. Yes, it is important to know someone older or wiser. They can definitely help you along your journey, teach you things etc and will help guide you to your happiness. I think having friends and closed ones in your life are all important to be happy, but people rarely mention a wise and older friend. I am glad to see it i n your post because I don’t even think I stopped to think about that. 🙂
    4. We need more kindness in the world and this one was my favorite point on the list.

    Great post! 🙂

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    1. Wow.
      Your points are strong that I have millions of thoughts on them but for now I’ll ask you to check out the book which will be published by the end of March.
      It will have a part explaining what we don’t know about God.
      But for now read one of my previous articles INFINITE INTELLIGENCE.
      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though.

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      1. If I get the opporunity I will look into checking out the book and in the mean time I will read your previous articles on Infinite Intelligence.

        Heres my opinion no matter what people believe, God, no God, crazy stuff (worshipping the devil) it really doesn’t matter because then God judges if there truly is a God. No one else does for him or her. So I don’t know why people get so hung up on one another beliefs. I have said it to religious people to, like yo if your God exists, then they will judge me. And if I deserve a bad after life or punishment for not believing then so be it. But that is still not your call to make. That is one example. God doesn’t need minions imo. If he is all powerful, all knowing or whatever it may be.

        I never said there wasn’t a God though, I said for me personally that is not what drives me. And for me all that matters is my life. I have to live my life to the fullest, I need to find happiness, enjoy my time because I am not counting on life after death and life doesn’t wait for me. I am saying I make or break my own life. What is beyond that I don’t know yet. I am still questioning, studying, curious, I have an open mind about a lot of things. I am not narrowminded, just I have yet to see evidence of any kind of God in my life so far. But that could change. But until it does, I decide what is true for the most part if I can see it, it has factual evidence attached to it, and what I don’t know I am not afraid of it. I don’t fear the unknown. I don’t need to make up answers so I can feel intelligent or complete. So because I am open minded, and I am always up for reading different works etc I will look into it. I will also read your articles out of curiosity. All I am asking is do not force it on me, just like I am not forcing anything on you. I think it’s great to have faith in a superior being, trust me sometimes I wish I could. I think different things give people hope, and whatever keeps them going or leads them on the path to success and happiness, I am not the one to knock it.

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      2. I force nothing on no one.
        I wasn’t raised that way.
        I just speak my mind.
        I haven’t been a religious guy don’t think I don’t feel you.
        What made me believe that there is a God is because am sure that there is the devil and where there is bad there is good..


      1. 3 -_- no man dnt talk to me now … why you havnt read my blogs whyyyyy (sorry for my anger but you deserve it right now -_-)


  3. I have likened Donald Trump to Bre’r Fox, an American folk character, whose trickery gave rise to the saying “Crazy like a fox”. He has lots of people over a barrel-making the real racists think he’s one of them. He isn’t, and is, conversely, using the real racists to advance his goal of a 50-100,000 point New York Stock Exchange. Your other points are definitely sound. I look forward to your book.

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      1. Will surely read those too..and let know the feedback..!! :))
        It would mean world to me if you take moment to check out my very new blogging page..!! I’ve just started and is hoping to spread smiles thru my words..!! Plz do support and correct me..!! Thanks a lot..!! :))

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