​Fiction Book Writing

Writing a fiction book be it action or whatever, is all about ‘creating your own world.’

Fiction writers create their own worlds with languages and cultures of their choice.


1.what’s the time in your world? The past,present or future.

Identify your target audience.

People like me love movies and books from the past ages of mankind.

If I read ‘IN 500 BC,’ on the back blurb of a book I buy it.

2.what’s the mode of transport in your world?

In AVATAR the last air bender travels on a Bison.  

In THE LAST KINGDOM, Uhtred son of Uhtred travels on a horse same as all the Vikings.

3.Who has power and who doesn’t?

In AVATAR, the fire nation is in power while the southern water tribe and the earth benders are their subjects.

4.What’s the religion there?

In THE LAST KINGDOM is more of a rebellion between Christians from Wessex, Northumbria and all England, Vs the Pagans who are the Vikings.

What do people in your world believe in?


How do animals, trees and humans look like in your world?

6.The law

Rules for the society to live by have been there from the beginning of time.

So what are the rules in your world and what’s the punishment for those that break the rules.

In my book treason is punishable by death which one is inserted into boiling water while naked.

7.Day to day life

What do the people in your world do for a living?

Where do they work?

How do they treat their young and old?

What kind of technology is there?

What’s the source of information?
8.Have a breathtaking Antagonist

When I remember PRISON BREAK I remember T-BAG first.

When I think of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER I remember LORD RALL..

These are the guys that make your book interesting.

9.Give your Protagonist some flaws

In THE LAST KINGDOM, Uhtred son of Uhtred leaves his wife Mildrith for another woman which makes him a liar and a shameless son of a gun.

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17 thoughts on “​Fiction Book Writing

  1. This is so taking me back in time.I love it.When I was a teenager I used to live in my fantasy world that I’ve created for myself all the time.Thats where I based my high school writing on in my fantasy world, until my mother’s voice used to rip me out of it and back into reality.I used to think reality sucks! Hahahaha.So I was always a writer by heart.A writer who never published one book.Maybe I should consider it.

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