​Introverts Hate Shallow Socializing, Not People.

There is a big difference between being lonely and being an introvert.

There was this girl back in college who used to think that I was unhappy or lonely just because I was always in my house.

What she didn’t know is I actually enjoyed staying in my house alone.

Up to this very moment the only life that I’ve ever wished for is having a good house with a rooftop where I can enjoy watching THE MILKY WAY(starts,moon and all in space) at night.

Fast internet, snacks/food of my choice, a luxury car and a chopper for roadtrips when I feel like it.

And a huge library filled with books.

That is heaven to me and I have achieved ½ of that dream life of mine.

Every time I leave the house the more I appreciate being in my house.

There’s a lot of drama outside.

Fake friends, thieves, noise and an accident can happen anytime.

I was nearly hit by a car last year walking in the streets.

Just the other day a gas station blew up immediately after I got passed it.

What if I stayed there a minute longer? I’d be dead.

Everything bad is out there.


1.Introverts are smart

Introverts make up to nearly a half of the most successful people because they are always gaining knowledge.

As Albert Einstein said, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”

People like Mark Zuckerberg , Bill Gates , Jk Rowling, Theodore Roosevelt, Sir Isaac Newton are all introverts.

They know that knowledge is not gained by the flapping of lips but by opening your ears and eyes wide open and shutting your mouth.

2.Introverts live longer

With the two examples that I’ve mentioned above and many more which I haven’t, extroverts have higher chances of dying or getting hurt than introverts because we are always at the safety of our homes.

3.Introverts are happy

I read an article sometime back which said A PRIVATE LIFE IS A HAPPY LIFE.

What introverts have is a happy life.

They interact with no one so they live to no one’s expectation.

They don’t have to live beyond their means to please anyone.

4.They have the ability to form genuine connections

This is the bottom line of this article when I talk about SHALLOW SOCIALIZING.

Unlike extroverts, introverts don’t make friends for the sake of having friends.

They are out for genuine friendships.

Introverts don’t mind being alone so if they are with somebody, they truly care for them.


Being an introvert has more advantages than being an extrovert and if I was born again today I’d still grow up to be an introvert.

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72 thoughts on “​Introverts Hate Shallow Socializing, Not People.

  1. I agree that being an introvert doesn’t mean being lonely or even self-centered as the word denotes. You imply that an introvert wants to stay at home which it seems you do and that is great for you. Some introverts like to be outside their homes, just not with other people. Some introverts are happy occasionally being around a few other people, just not a cocktail party scene. Bottom line, we shouldn’t put other people in a box with a label. Even people with certain tendencies are individuals and should be treated that way.

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  2. Unlike extroverts, introverts don’t make friends for the sake of having friends.

    They are out for genuine friendships.

    Introverts don’t mind being alone so if they are with somebody, they truly care for them.

    This is exactly how I am. This is the main difference between my husband and I. He loves nonsense, surface talk for the sake of entertainment, and I find little use for it. I like to connect and really get to know people, so I keep my network intimate and genuine. My home is also my favorite place, especially in the summer when my garden makes it complete 😊. 🌻☯️🦋~Anne

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  3. Great article! I’m a pretty big hermit myself, and though it sometimes feels good to go out and socialize, it’s usually just a reminder of why I prefer to keep to myself. I just can’t stand small talk, and the emphasis on “networking,” which most always involves vapid small talk on subjects I have absolutely no interest in.

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  4. I totally agree with you, most writers are introverts anyway but the knowledge we gain and then share is well worth the criticism from others.

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  5. Great post! And you know what, I’m an introvert too and love it. Can’t stand a crowd of people but I enjoy being outside. A run in the woods or a cup of tea with a good book in a cafe is perfect!

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  6. You have just described me, except for the desire to own a helicopter. I am waiting for someone to invent a teleporting device 😉 You might like this old post of mine from five years ago, about a personality test I undertook. I’d love to know the results if you decide to take it. https://sarahpotterwrites.com/2013/12/20/official-announcement-im-as-odd-as-franz-kafka/
    I’ll reblog your post later, as I’m sure that some of the self-professed introverts who follow my blog will love it!
    Thanks for making me smile today. It is good not to feel alone, if that’s not a paradox coming from an introvert 🙂

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      1. I spend a lot of time interacting with my followers, and if I’m going to disappear for a month, I tell them that I won’t be around, so they don’t think I’ve deserted them all! They are used to me taking breaks for novel writing and revising of work. I’m not sure how influential I am. I’ve built up 1,337 followers over about 5 years, some of whom have been regular visitors and commentors almost from the beginning. My blog started out as a haiku-only blog and grew from there. I don’t tend to write very long posts, but what I do write is reflective of my personality. But how to measure influence, that’s a difficult one. I’ve had a lot of guest bloggers to my site in the past, although haven’t lately as have been rather busy. In particular, I used to have a monthly guest storyteller feature, but that has been on hold since last April. My last guest discontinued his blog and totally disappeared the day after I’d posted his story, which rather naffed me off. It was kind of weird and I read it as a sign for me to take a break from running the feature. Here’s the link to the guest storyteller page https://sarahpotterwrites.com/guest-storytellers-2/ I could be persuaded to restart this feature, but perhaps with stories of a 100-150 word count instead of the original 400-600. Perhaps you would like to oblige, maybe with something humorous, as I remember you saying that people should think about writing humorous things 😉 There are a lot of glum and stressed folks in this world at the moment, so “funny” is good. I do think that guest posting is a good way to reach a wider audience and meet some interesting, likeminded people. You are welcome to guest post, even if it isn’t with a story, but it needs to be in tune with some aspect or other of my blog and what I’m trying to achieve with it. https://sarahpotterwrites.com/about/
        I tend to avoid politics or religion as a subject. Let me know your thoughts.

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  7. I too want the same house for me …. u literally hit this time …. what would u say about the girl like me who is both – extrovert and introvert at a same time 😂😂😂😂 I love ur post

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  8. My mother is an introvert, and raised me to play to my strengths- which tend to be introverted. I am something of an ambivert, but I definitely do not make friends for the sake of making friends. Even on social media, my friends lists on Facebook, Twitter and here are modest in size.

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  9. I know right. I’m reading this out loud to my family today, hopefully the’ll finally understand that there’s nothing wrong with me… I’m just an introvert and I like my life like that.

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  10. This was relatable af! All my so called friends think I’m lonely and depressed because I don’t go out often . They say my mother doesn’t allow me to hangout with my friends and I don’t deny that fact although it’s false . My mother has no problem with me hanging out with my friends , it’s just that I don’t like doing that so I try n shove them away with any reason which satisfies them . I don’t really have any friends to talk to so I like spending time alone with myself and my thoughts , binge all day long and listen to the same old song multiple times and eat whatever and whenever I like . Staying in bed all day without worrying about the types of clothes I’m wearing or the way my hair looks . I just like what I am when I’m alone and happy and guess what they call it being lonely .

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