​Why Marriages break & Solution

I have this auntie of mine who I went to visit immediately after highschool.

 she really shocked me telling us to close our eyes so she could pray for the food before eating.

Praying is not a bad thing.

The bad thing is praying just to please your new boyfriend.

Because last time I checked, my auntie doesn’t even go to church.

My doubts were cleared when they broke up.

Everything went back to normal.


Marriages break because you can’t pretend forever.

You’ll get used to your partner and they will even hurt you beyond your calm and you’ll show them your true colors and that’s when you’ll get divorced.


Always be you.

Let people love or hate you for who you are.

All in or all out.


You can’t pretend forever.



38 thoughts on “​Why Marriages break & Solution

  1. You apparently know your aunt. But it doesn’t always have to be about lies and deception. Sometimes it’s about compromise. About adopting something that is important to the other person. Obviously it shouldn’t be something we are opposed to, but something we wouldn’t mind doing.

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  2. Its hard to keep up with appearances constantly with anyone. It”s best to start off as friends and one’s true colors come our and still is accepted and dealt with, then entering a romantic relationship is more realistic since adjustment pains will become as minimum as it can be.

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      1. It’s the way it is. Sadly, any relationship is a 24/7 work endeavor. You never relax or take anything for granted for it to survive and to thrive. What sustains it to go forth with fortitude is love.

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  3. Adding to what you say, it always makes me wild when a couple set up home together, knowing what each other’s interests are, then one of them expects the other person to give up that interest i.e. football, writing, playing in an orchestra, whatever it is. It’s wrong and causes a great deal of resentment. People shouldn’t be trying to change each other, as they have their own selves to sort out, and often the problem at the root of it is possessiveness, which is not the same as love.

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  4. I have also seen such.
    Adapting yourself to new behaviours just to be pleasing or seem like the perfect match.
    Unfortunately pretense won’t get you that far.
    People need to be themselves since everyone else is already taken.

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  5. I am in a marriage that its not going anywhere anymore. One thing for certain, my daughter needs her dad to be around. I may or may not love the partner i have, but i am responsible for my daughter. Pretending or not, we stay in relationships just to know we can endure and may be one day, the love comes back.


  6. Reminds me of the song:
    You’ve got lo love me
    For what I am
    For simply being me
    Don’t love me
    For what you intend
    Or hope that I will be
    And if you’re only using me
    To feed your fantasy
    You’re really not in love
    So let me go
    I must be free

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