​Talkative Women are Sh!t.

Even the bible backs me up on this in the book of proverbs.

Where it says that it is better to live in the desert than to live in the same house with a quarrelsome wife.

There are many different verses in the Bible with the same message.

But I’ve never seen one talking about a quarrelsome man.

So I did my research to know the reason as to why quarrelsome woman not man.

I’ve found out that quarrelsome men are hardworking.

Plus a quarrelsome man doesn’t quarrel constantly like a quarrelsome woman.

Even the Bible says that a quarrelsome woman is like a constant leaking boat.

The only way to identify them is by their talking.

They never shut their mouths.

A talkative woman equals a quarrelsome woman.

I was raised by a quarrelsome woman and I’d prefer getting married to a prostitute than to a quarrelsome woman.

Thank me later.


42 thoughts on “​Talkative Women are Sh!t.

  1. I don’t know…I’m a listener. It really depends on WHAT they’re saying and more importantly HOW they’re saying it. If they just talk a lot, eh…Like I said, I’m a listener. So, someone has to keep the conversation afloat! LOL.

    However, if they’re grating to the nerves, talk a lot of negative crap, or just flat out exaggerate to the point of being laughable…then yeah, they may have issues! :O

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    1. You are always somewhere between… Not introvert not extrovert,,not this not that…
      Now I’ll be the one to tell you that if you don’t change you won’t survive out there hahah,,,anyway,,thanks for sharing your thoughts dear

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  2. Being talkative as a woman is fine, as long as she isn’t nagging, complaining, shouting, or talking about herself all the time, and knows when to shut-up! Same goes for a man 😉 Civilised conversation is good between people, but is a non-starter if either party has poor listening skills. I expect you’ve met the sort of person who asks you a question and then doesn’t listen to your answer, as they are too busy thinking about what they want to say next. Grrrr…it drives me mad. And if they keep interrupting me and talking over what I’m saying, If they do that, I find an excuse, fast, to get away from them. They are an example of time-wasters. Anyway, lots of nagging and shouting is bad for the heart — both the heart of the person doing the shouting and the heart of the person being shouted at.


      1. Having to listen to such complaining sets up such negative vibes and sapping of energy. Poor you, having to put up with that for twenty years D: No wonder there was a time in your life when you wanted to kick the world and rage against the universe. But bravo to you for turning your life around with such strength and determination!


  3. You can be talkative but not quarrelsome.This applies to everyone. I donot know why you hold such a notion regarding women. Men can be equally quarrelsome, complaining and sometimes even violent and oppressive.
    I think everyone must try to live in peace and harmony by putting their words calmly while listening to the other person and understanding them too. Then, they can always sort out things together.

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      1. Btw talkative and quarrelsome are completely separate things.
        I have just said the truth. Perhaps that’s why you found my words a good point. I just spoke of the reality, my friend.

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