​Leadership Tip

Especially dealing with Africans.

Be ruthless and extremely inconsiderate.

I am all for being loved but I have learned through experience that people are so stupid that they don’t love nice people.

They disrespect them.

Where do you think DON’T MISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS came from.

People generally mistake kindness for weakness and they’ll end up not getting the job done.

And you’ll end up firing them anyway.

If you want to prove my point, go let your employee ask you personal questions.

They’ll disrespect you right there and then.

Instead of loving you.

If an employee asks you a personal question, the least you can do is insult them.

Especially dealing with Africans.

Some people just don’t reason beyond their nose.

And if you can’t, hire a ruthless manager who will be dealing with the employees.


18 thoughts on “​Leadership Tip

  1. Personally, I don’t love the people who treat other people badly. The best boss is one who is fair but firm, is willing to muck-in with lowlier jobs when there is a staff shortage, and shows by example. This is what I did as a boss and I think that people respected me for it, and didn’t think of me as soft! But then I worked in a caring profession in the UK and not in some high-powered area of business and commerce in Africa. So maybe Africans in Africa expect a different type of boss. That being said, I’ve worked with quite a few Africans in the UK, and some of them have been my bosses (mostly Nigerians) and they were fair but firm. But I agree that no boss should poke his or her nose into people’s personal life uninvited. It is probably best to keep your employees at an arm’s length and not get too pally, in case you need to discipline them at some point.

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      1. I’m guessing that until everyone is possessed with commonsense, initiative, and enthusiasm, bosses are necessary. There are leaders and followers in this world — some people don’t want the responsibility of leadership. The most important thing is that leaders don’t become power crazy and treat everyone under them like shit. They need to motivate, inspire, and provide opportunities for those who want to improve their skills and learn new ones. I’ve met some bosses who never give anyone the chance to acquire new skills because they don’t trust them to do things properly, so they do everything themselves, grind themselves into the ground, and then shout at everybody! And yes, it would be absolutely wonderful if all people chipped in and helped each other whatever. I think that community spirit is in fairly low supply just now in large parts of the world, and the so-called developed countries have no excuse at all.


  2. Great Post! When you say we black people you gotta be alittle more broad? You realize that there is more than a billion black decent people walking about the planet ? There are white and black people that respect bad people. In my experience its has been a mix of both. Most people that talk in a narrow way are normally young or ignorant. No disrespect we just gotta keep growing as a human race not as fractions of a race.

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