Your mom is holding you back

Wise words from GARY VAYNERCHUK.

And the funniest thing is that every person who came from rags to riches, like the owner of STARBUCKS, has this common advice,


I was going through Facebook on my quest for knowledge and I found a video with the same message as my last night’s blog post.

Watch and learn.


19 thoughts on “Your mom is holding you back

      1. Me too. I thought I would do a better job than my parents did, and I didn’t make the same mistakes but I still made mistakes. I think it’s impossible not to. I have done a better job with my granddaughters I think. We have always communicated even when they were little ones and I think that is the key. They know I’m not perfect and that no one is, but they feel loved.

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  1. Nobody has parenthood perfect recipe ,mistakes are unfortunately inevitable.that said I think my duty as a parent is to teach my kids to be independent.they need to fall and loose and get back up on their feet.
    They must know I’m here if they need me ,they must feel loved but they must also be aware that they are responsible for their life

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