Follow For Follow

*Follow For Follow*

I just created a Twitter account guys and I’d really appreciate your FollowForFollow.

Follow the link below 

And you’ll see something like



13 thoughts on “Follow For Follow

  1. I’ve not signed into Twitter for ages, but have just made a special visit there to follow you! I mostly just do automatic shares from my blog and Goodreads to my Twitter. Facebook, and Linkedin feeds.

    Are you signed up to Goodreads? If not, did you know that apart from having “friends” there for sharing info about books, you can have an author page, as well as a Goodreads blog, and you can announce events, such as your Giveaways and Countdown Deals?

    Also, have you set up an Amazon author page? With the latter, you’ll need to set it up individually for each Amazon marketplace that you’re going to sell your books in.

    You’ve either done all these things, or I have now made your head spin? Take it from me, I make my own head spin sometimes!

    By the way, you have the same birthday as me (obviously not the same year, as now I know that you’re younger than my son!). An 18-year-old, whom I’ve known since he was 7, said to me recently that I was “old but young in heart”, which I took as a compliment. Certainly I have a sense of humour, which lots of people lose as they get older!


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