​Biggest mistake when self publishing.

Assuming Shit.

I just heard something about my book that I wasn’t aware of myself.

I Written my word document, published it online thinking that the publishers would ‘take care’ of the rest.

I’ll use my words against myself and say that when you are self publishing, you are your own everything.

You get to be the author, the editor, the marketer, the everything.

Now I’ll have to redo shit.

That’s one of the advantages of self publishing though.

If something doesn’t resonate to your readers you can change it.


16 thoughts on “​Biggest mistake when self publishing.

      1. Mystery solved. I’m glad the solution is fast at hand 🙂 Although I think it better to upload a doc. or docx. file for your Kindle version as PDFs contain embedded formatting that doesn’t work so well for eBooks. For the paperback version, a PDF is good. If in doubt, contact KDP support and ask their advice. Most of the time they’re helpful, but occasionally it turns out that you know more than them!

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  1. Very true Emmanuel but don’t be to hard on yourself it’s all a learning process. After all it is your first book and I gotta say It was a really good read.
    From what I gathered your a very focused and determined young man I like how motivated you are to put your mark on this world, ya know I couldn’t help but fell very pumped up on life after reading your book.

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