​I wish I knew this earlier.

The lesson that you’ll get from this post might be the most important lesson in your entire life.

It is the difference between white men and the rest of us.

The reason behind all inventions which are of course done by the white man.

Ever wondered the reason as to why men rarely become successful before getting past the age of forty? 

Men like Abraham Lincoln, before getting past forty he was a mister nobody from nowhere.

People like prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

It’s called sexual energy.

Men rarely master harnessing this energy before the age of forty.

Sexual energy has seventy five advantages.

It can make you rich and the most important of all is that it’s like a magnet which attracts people to you.

If you are a girl reading this post, have you ever had this friend who is not even attractive at all but you like him a lot?

And you don’t know why..

There’s just “something about this guy.”

Its called sexual energy.

You like him because of the energy that he emits.

Unfortunately, in today’s world everyone is releasing this energy in every opportunity they get.

Next time think twice before having sex or mustabating.

When you lose this energy you become repulsive just as surely as people are attracted to you when you have it.

Ladies sense this energy in men the way a shark smells blood in you.

When you have high concentration of it you’ll see ladies looking at you everywhere you go looking very much interested.

I don’t know how ladies sense these things.

Just like money. Ladies sense money.

Go out even without taking a shower looking very ugly but carry a band of $1000 with you.

You’ll see ladies approach you even without them seeing the money.

Sexual energy gives you courage, keenness of imagination, persistence, creativity, will power, energy, confidence, tone of voice(self expression).

Which are the only requirements for success by the way.

You’ll know this to be true.

When you alter the sex of an animal let’s say a bull by castrating it, you “kill” all the drive and fight in him and becomes as docile as a cow.

Before the white man went to America the country was a village.

But the white man changed it to a superpower.

What was the difference between the white man and the Indians?

The white man new about sex transmutation while the Indians just fucked. Hence losing sexual energy.

Their chief said so. Not me.

Sexual transmutation is done by changing the thought of physical contact to more important things like a business or going to the gym (body building)

It’s not easy but it is possible.

I have made an agreement with myself.


 I’ve already started getting dividends from this agreement.


22 thoughts on “​I wish I knew this earlier.

  1. Hey Emanuel, I am definitely sharing this post. You are simply unbelievable. You will research and write just about anything without fear of criticism, I like that, a lot. Thank you once more for this 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is interesting. Let’s see how well that works for you. Native Americans had lots of civilizations that few people know about, but that’s another subject. As for me, I have little money, but lots of lady friends.


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