How2 Start With What You Have.


So how the f*ck do you start when you have nothing to your name?

Here’s how.

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It is the twenty first century b*tches what a time to be alive.

People have become millionaires by just playing video games and posting on YouTube.

You can simply earn $100,000 a year by simply talking about Alvin and the chipmunks on YouTube.

When you see the small things that are making people millionaires on YouTube you’ll wonder what the f*ck you’ve been doing all this time.

You don’t have to have this crazy life story in order to be successful on YouTube, NO.

You just have to be you.

It Is called YouTube for a reason. It Is YOU that people want to hear.

Guys, success attracts success.

If you want to be an actor, just start a YouTube channel and do your thing.

You’ll be discovered from there.

Do I have to tell you how many people got picked up from YouTube to start acting?

Gary Vaynerchuk himself was offered a 7% equity shares of the company  VIDDLER just to move from YouTube to viddler.

You become a millionaire investor right there and then.

If you want to be an author, download a Microsoft word app on your phone and write your book.

After writing your book you can go ahead and self publish it on KINDLE.

IT’S 2018 guys. This is not the time when you had to write a book and get rejected by the publishers.

It’s 2018, everyone has a shot. What a time to be alive.

Guess what you need to start a podcast, your phone recorder.

In 2018 you have no excuse for being poor.

The only thing standing between you and  your first million is your dumb head.

There Are Many Successful People Who Start From Nothing

One thing I want to point out is that many people start from nothing. 

While yes, there are rich people who start from a position of power and wealth, there are many successful people from poor families, just as there are people who lead lackadaisical lives despite having a lot of wealth.

 Instead of talking about money here, I want to focus the discussion on one’s personal achievements and knowledge, because these are arguably what shapes one’s life success.

My fellow blogger experienced this first hand that I’ll invite her to speak for herself.

“I remember when I was in secondary school, there was a group of students from China who joined us during the upper secondary years. 

The school principal invited them over to study as part of a move to attract foreign talent.

These students were brilliant, particularly in Maths and Chinese.

 They would easily ace every single Math and Chinese test and cream the locals, without having to study. 

Over time the teachers and students took it as a given that they were the gods of Maths and Chinese, that they were born this way, and it was impossible to beat them. 

My peers would revere them as such, while labeling all the local students (us included) as “lesser” beings who could never outdo them.

But if you are to break down their strong knowledge in the subjects, it is apparent that their strong knowledge of Maths and Chinese came from somewhere.

 I mean, all of us were tiny babies at one point, born into this world. 

Would they have known anything about differential equations, binomial theorems, partial fractions, or Chinese poetry as babies? No, they wouldn’t.

 Their knowledge, if you are to trace it, came from their previous education in China, where their syllabus was much more advanced than our local syllabus, and years of conditioning in an intensely competitive Chinese environment. Their excellent command of Chinese came from growing up and living in China, where Chinese/Mandarin in their first language.

If you repeat this exercise with any single person in the world, rich or successful, you’ll end up with the same thing — they all started as babies with no knowledge or achievements in anything. 

Again, let’s not talk about wealth which I know some people inherit — I’m talking about knowledge which is a key differentiating point between people. 

Capability, I believe everyone has an infinite amount of, so we are on equal grounds there. 

Whether you are Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs , there was a point in the past when you knew absolutely nothing about your craft and had to learn from scratch.

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter what others have or don’t have. Because everyone starts from a place of nothing.

 Everything is acquired through time, whether through formal or informal education, environmental reinforcement , or some other factor.

 Regardless of whether you have something or nothing now, as long as you take the steps to put the pieces in place, you will get to where you want to be.

You Have Something

The second point I want to make is to invite you to rethink the notion that you have nothing. 

Because every time you think you have nothing, it’s likely the opposite. It’s the proverbial notion of whether the glass is half-empty or half-full. 

There is always something there. 

The pessimist sees the glass as half-empty; the optimist sees the glass as half-full.

Have you ever considered that the glass has always been all full though? The bottom half is filled with water, and the top half is filled with air.

If you don’t see what you have today as something, it’s possible that you’ve been living in your own reality for too long, to the point where you take what you have for granted. 

You’ve developed a mental blindness to the value of what you have. It’s a matter of re-tuning yourself to recognize those things you do have.

Try mentally swapping positions with someone who is in a worse-off situation than you.

 It can be someone who just got robbed, someone who just got retrenched, a convict sentenced for life behind bars, 

a patient suffering from a terminal illness with a month to live, a vegetable, a person with anterograde amnesia, a starving beggar with no home to go to, a bankrupt, 

someone with heavy debt to clear, a famine-stricken child in Africa, etc. — the possibilities are endless. 

How would you feel? What would you become? What would life be like compared to what you have now?

Suddenly, it’s apparent that there are so many things in your life you didn’t realize. 

All the things you have from before that you saw as nothing suddenly becomes something. 

Things like your senses, your health, your freedom, your livelihood, your rights, your friends, your family, your knowledge, your skill sets, your abilities, your intellect, and many more.

 All these are real things, real tools that you possess. 

They are assets beyond any doubt. There are many people who wish they have these, yet they don’t. 

Realize it or not, by being able to see this post, you are in a better place than many people in this world. 

And focusing on the things that you do have now and making the best out of them are surer ways to move you forward in life than not recognizing them.

Your Problems Are Something Too

In fact, everything you have in your life now is something. Including your problems, contrary to what many would think. 

I know many of you may be thinking, How can my problems be of value? They weigh me down.

 I wish I can get rid of all my life problems immediately.

There was something I read in Think and Grow Rich years ago that I want to share with you. 

Many people always see their problems as liabilities, and the things they have as assets.

However, have you ever realized that your problems are actually your assets too — in fact, bigger assets than you realize?

 Because for every problem you face, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are probably facing it too.

 And if your problem is so huge that it’s weighing on you, imagine how many people would want to know the solution to this problem.

 Who is a better person to discover the solution than you, the person who is in the middle of it all?

Once you find the solution, imagine how valuable this solution will be to others who have the same problem.

 It’s a huge asset! Your problems are really your assets in disguise.

 They are your hidden gold mines waiting to be mined and converted into gold. In fact, our problems are the keys to abundance. 

It’s with these problems that you become a richer person, not just in terms of physical wealth, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I was brought up in a family where money was not abundant. We were not poverty poor, but we were definitely in a low-income household.

 Since young, we lived in a regular HDB flat and didn’t own any cars. 

Cars are considered a luxury item in Singapore, unlike in the United States where it is more of a commodity.

 My parents worked very hard in odd jobs, at certain times working dual jobs, to put me and my brother through school.

 (That said, they dote on me a lot — I never wanted many things as a kid, but for the few things I did want,

 they would do their best to get them for me, so I never felt like I was lacking or anything like that.)

When I was in high school, I had classmates whose parents were very well off. 

They lived in bungalows, semi-detached, etc.

 and many of them had cars. At that time, I wondered why my family was not as rich as other kids’ families.

 I wished my family was more well off.

Then one day, I came across this quote, along with the lines of “Those who are rich will never know how expensive it is to be poor.”

This quote really got me thinking, because I realized that it was a blessing that I was where I was, because I could never appreciate wealth (of any kind) the same way if I already had it to begin with. 

That was one of the times when I had a paradigm shift about my reality.

I’m not saying that others who are born rich cannot appreciate their wealth, but they would never do so the same way compared to if they never had it at first (same for any situation in life). 

When you don’t have something, you appreciate it in a very different way when you get it.

 It’s also from your problems that you grow and become better, just like how your disappointments make you a stronger person.

And Then There Is Something Else

And even beyond your problems/liabilities, assets, knowledge, abilities, and skill sets, there is something else that you have.

 Even if you have nothing to your name, even if you have been declared bankrupt, even if you’re $100 million dollars in debt,

 even if everyone has left you in this world, even if you are to lose your job/status/knowledge/achievements, even if your life has been decimated, you still have something.

You have you.

And that, I’m telling you, is the most powerful thing you can ever have in your entire life. 

It’s the one thing you ever need in your entire life to create the life you want.

 Because you have more power in you to create than anything else in the world that you can acquire.

 It doesn’t matter whether you are $100 million dollars in debt; you have the ability to reverse it and earn more.

 (Which was exactly what Donald Trump did. 

He was $0.9 billion dollars in debt in the 1990s and reversed that in a year , to emerge a billionaire with $3 billion in net worth — 3 times richer than his highest point of wealth before his debt. It was such an incredible feat that he became listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest financial turnaround in history.)

It doesn’t matter if you have no friends now to speak of; you have the ability to get out there and make new friends.

 It doesn’t matter if you have nothing now, because you can get out there and create something for yourself. 

Whatever static object/asset you can acquire is nothing in comparison with you: a dynamic being who is able to create, synthesize thoughts, break down problems, form solutions, build structures, move mountains, and more.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the answers now, because you have an eternal connection with your subconsciousness , which has all the answers you need. 

You also have unlimited potential and capacity to do whatever you want.

When I started this blog in Dec 2008 (two years ago as I’m writing this), I had nothing (so to speak). 

I had quit my job, I had no income. I was a nobody as far as the personal development world was concerned.

 I had no domains, no websites, no hosting.

 I had no idea what Twitter was or any of the jazzy Web 2.0 social media, no knowledge of the workings of the blogosphere.

 I had no experience creating a personal development blog and I had never written a personal development article in my entire life. 

I had never done life coaching; didn’t know what life coaching was. 

I had never trained before and had never spoken in a workshop or seminar. 

I never read personal development books nor had any interest in them. 

I had no idea who was who in the personal development space nor was I in the loop of the things happening in this area.

Yet did it matter? No, it didn’t. All these were absolutely irrelevant in whether I was going to achieve my dreams.

 The point was that this was (and is) my passion; this is my dream.

 I knew that as long as I put my whole self into pursuing the goal, I would achieve it.

 It didn’t matter what I had or what I didn’t have.

 If there was something I had that could help achieve the goal, then great, I would leverage on it to achieve the goal.

 If there was nothing, then sure, I would just figure out how to get it, or if it was not possible to get it, to create it myself.

Everything else was just riff-raff, peripheral nothings that played no role whatsoever in the outcome (achieving my dreams).

 And while everyone was expressing fear about my situation and how it was risky and what not, these were more like noise to my ears. 

Their fears were more projections of themselves than of my situation. In my mind, my goal was stark clear. It was fixed.

 The question was merely how to get there.

Today after 2.5 years of starting my blog, Personal Excellence has over 200k pageviews/month 1 million pageviews/month (as of Oct 2011), is one of the top 25 personal development sites in the world, and we’re growing stronger every day. 

I have received nearly 20 pieces of media coverage over 70 media features (as of 2017) in prominent media/press outlets, including CNN, Asia One, Channel News Asia, Today, and CBS Network.

 I’m a coach to very smart and talented people from different walks of life, whether in their 20s, 30s, 40s or teens, helping them achieve success in their lives. 

My posts have been featured in the biggest personal development blogs online.

I have big goals for Personal Excellence in the years to come, and I’m excited to see them unfold.

Did it matter whether I had something or nothing in the beginning? No, it didn’t. Again, it’s irrelevant.

 Whatever it is that you have or don’t have now doesn’t matter. The outcome is fixed. 

Having something or nothing only affects how and what needs to be done to achieve your desired end outcome, but not the end outcome itself.

Focus on What You Want , not What You Have Now

If we always base our decision on what we have or don’t have at this moment, we’re never going to get far.

 Because we’re limiting ourselves based on our history. You become a function of your past. 

You become a shadow of your past.

 That’s just surrendering yourself to what you had in the past, which is a very disempowering way to live. 

It merely serves to reinforce the status quo.

 Your current state is not a determinant of who you can be or what you can have. 

Remember, you have unlimited power in you. Focus on your WHAT, not your HOW.

Now if you instead, focus on what you want , what you really want, that’s a much more empowering way to live. 

What do you want in your life? Identify what you want, figure out your strategy and your plan, and then get there.

When you’re inspired by a vision that drives you, you will reach that goal no matter what. 

Your obstacles are only what you see when you take your eyes off your goal. 

Pick the skills, learn them, put in your 10,000 hours and more, and you’ll be there faster than you realize.

Everyone starts from somewhere. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have now. 

It’s more important that you get clear on what you want and move toward there.

The interesting thing is, when you start doing that, you’ll realize you had a lot of things all along. 

All of a sudden, the past skill sets that you acquired comes in handy. Your past knowledge becomes applicable.

 People you knew before fall into place one way or another to aid you.

 And even if you don’t, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of creating the connections to drive you forward.

I’ll end off with this quote:

“It’s not what you’ve got; it’s what you do that makes the difference.”

Hustle is the word. You got to put the work in.

  Truly, everyone has something and a powerful thing at that.

 It might be a gift/talent, a supportive parent, a friend with whom you can build together with (like Steve Jobs and his friend) or a successful relative who can mentor you.

Something to multiply the ways in which you exist and take you places you’ve never been before.

A few years ago the author discovered a truth.

A truth which raised him above the pack.

From being a desperate son of a gun to the businessman he is today.

Catch the significance of the preceding Epigram and the secret that I used will be availed to you. 

“Use what you have, where you are, do what you can.”

When i set sails to the direction of success i had nothing.

Observe carefully how the author went about magnifying himself.


       Being raised in an impoverished home, my only goal in life was to be as wealthy and powerful as I possibly could.

 So after I completed high school studies it was time for me to take significant steps to better my life.

since I wasn’t “good” in class my only hope was to be a businessman, and a powerful one at that. I met with a friend with whom I’d start a rock band with.

 A rock band which had no single musical instrument but a mouth. 

A smelling one.

my friend and I had written down some nice lyrics but what else could we do from that point.

        After some days of thinking an idea flashed into my mind. 

An idea that bought me a guitar at least for the band to look a bit more “practical.”

And this is the main reason as to why I highly encourage people to read.

Read, read and read some more.

Our thoughts create our reality.

Never will you ever do something that you haven’t thought of in the first place.

What reading does is it sharpens our brains. It enables us to do things more proficiently.

Reading  is thinking with another man’s brain. It multiples your brain power.

Two brains in one or a hundred brains in one depending on how many books you’ve read.

 The idea was to use what I had and the ONLY THING THAT I HAD at the time was a listening father, whom I approached and explained everything after which the money sufficient to buy an acoustic guitar was handed to me.

It was a stupendous sacrifice on his part because even placing a single meal on the table was a problem.

We were poor.

That listening father never did anything to help me in my success but at least knowing that there is someone who does listen to me gave me hope.

It was a false hope but hope is hope.

And that is the best part about ideas. Every minute it survives, it gains higher chances to survive even more.

Ideas are like babies.

You should do all that you can to keep it alive at first, and it will grow over time and be a giant and it will be able to survive by itself without coaxing it.

That’s why those that hold on to an idea for years and years accomplish their goals. And easily, because they no longer struggle to keep their idea alive.

How To Become An Author

This goes to those that want to start off as writers and everyone else for that matter.

Do not say that you don’t want to be an author.

That shit has seventy five advantages and below I’ll share two.
Why You Should Write A Book.

Writing a book makes you an industry expert in whichever field you are in.

If you are a professional, a lawyer maybe, an accountant, a doctor or a businessman or whatever shit that you are doing right now, if you write a book that is in your field, a book that reflects your expertise, you elevate yourself and your industry.

When writing a book you can’t write to people stuff which is not well researched. And it is in that research that you discover things.

Ben Carson explained how he went about having a successful surgery of the Siamese twins.

Something which brought him to spotlight.

It was due to a research that he was doing on the failures of the surgeries of the past.

Writing a book will also enable you to change the world for the better by educating your audience.

Some books save lives.

The book THINK AND GROW RICH has saved thousands of lives mine being one.

I have met some people who would really love to write books but they just don’t know where to start.

There are two simple tricks which can make you an author and a great one at that.

1.Start a personal blog.

2.Write your autobiography.

Starting a personal blog.

Download a WordPress app on your phone and start a personal blog.

Keep on writing and posting blog posts.

Once you have like 100 or 200 blog posts you can combine them and publish your blog as a book.

If you know that you’ll end up self publishing your book I’d highly encourage you to start a blog or a YouTube channel.

You need to have an audience of your own before depending on the public to buy your book which they know nothing off.

The public needs to see some reviews on your book so have your own buyers first.

When self publishing you are your own everything.

You get to be the author, marketing company, distributor and everything.

Write your autobiography

This one is the easiest because you basically will be writing about your own life.

Who doesn’t have the ability to write about his life.

This is a good point to start on. 

You will gain momentum as time goes by.

This book started off as an autobiography and then developed into something else.

When writing a book or anything please make sure to use simple language.

Just offer something of value and in an intuitive way.

Lastly, if you are a fiction writer please start with writing short stories.

Do not jump into writing a novel. It will be like a fifth grader attending a lecture in the university.

If you want to be successful in anything that you do which involves thinking then your plans must be FAULTLESS.

You should be having perfect plans and the only way to come up with a perfect plan or to write a hit song or a best seller book is by tapping into genius mode.

Napoleon Hill explained to us a lot to do with accessing infinite intelligence but told us little to do with getting answers (Ideas/inspiration) to our questions from infinite intelligence.

“In order to access infinite intelligence one has to first stimulate his mind by the use of any two or more of the ten mind stimulants which I recommend seven of them and they are..


2.Narcotics and Alcohol.


4.A mastermind alliance between two or more people who ally themselves in spiritual and temporal advancement.

5. Love


7.A burning desire for fame, power and financial gain.

Brain  stimulation has the effect of lifting one far above the horizon of ordinary thought and permits them to envision distance and scope not available on the lower plane.

Imagine standing  on a flat ground but surrounded by mountains.

These mountains are the brain limiting effects which you get when struggling to gain the basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

While the mind stimulant is a helicopter which lifts you high above the mountains enabling you to have a wide view.

While high above on that ‘chopper,’ your creative faculty is free now to act.

It becomes very receptive to ideas which are not available on the lower plane ( the ground.)
Submitting Prayer to Infinite intelligence.

After you have now stimulated your mind you are supposed to think about the finished part of your project and hold onto that thought until it’s submitted to your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind will convert your thoughts into prayer and submit it to a source which is able to answer a prayer which that source is infinite intelligence.

One wouldn’t be wrong to call infinite intelligence GOD.

After you hold on your thought long enough until it’s submitted to the subconscious mind you now need to relax and wait for genius answers to your questions to come to you in form of ideas or inspiration.

Napoleon told us just that one way of receiving ideas from subconscious mind which came in form of answered prayers from infinite intelligence.

Below I’ll share with you more ways of ‘downloading’ ideas from your subconscious mind which Napoleon didn’t mention.


The restlessness in our minds caused by the voices in our heads blocks our intuition and prevents the ideas and inspirations to come through.

If we silence these thoughts we’ll create the right environment for ideas and inspirations to come through.

2.Dream interpretation.

The dreams that we have are generated by the subconscious mind.

So this is a good way to receive ideas and inspirations.

All you have to do is sleep with a strong intention of getting answers to your questions before you sleep.

Have a pen and piece of paper beside you and write everything that you’ve dreamt about.

I’ve heard many artists say that they ‘received’ lyrics to their songs while asleep.
3.Minimizing thoughts.

This is done by focusing on the ‘NOW,’ what is happening in the present moment.

Psychologist have proven that 86% of our thoughts are negative and the only way to control our thoughts is by concentrating on the present moment.

This is to say that when we concentrate on the present moment, our mind is free of destructive thoughts.

Thus allowing the ideas and inspirations to come through.


I am a huge fan of this one.

This happens to those that they so desire to achieve their goal to a point where they think of nothing else.

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

A desire which assumes the proportion of an obsession.

Desire is the base of persistence. It keeps you fighting on even after losing.

If you keep on thinking about your goal and how to achieve it and what you’ll do once you achieve it and visualize everything in your brain, genius ideas will start popping in.

You’ll think of an idea which is so brilliant that you’ll take yourself out for dinner.

5.Narcotics and Alcohol.

I mentioned Narcotics and Alcohol as mind stimulants.

What they do is they are a shortcut.

They get you in communication with god(infinite intelligence) within seconds and he’ll answer the prayer in seconds.

My uncle received the most brilliant business idea after taking some bottles of beer.

He came up with an idea to run a fast food restaurant that he makes TEN TIMES what normal fast food restaurants make.

He didn’t tell me about all this.

I saw how his idea was so original and brilliant then I did my research and figured it out by myself.

Another good example and the perfect example is the greatest of poets Edgar Allan Poe used to write the best articles of his while intoxicated.

This is a shortcut and from experience you know that shortcuts should be one’s last resort.

We all know the effects of drugs and addiction so I won’t talk about it.

Innovation And How To Invent.

Having a successful business is all about standing out from the crowd.

Being creative and innovative.

Giving people a reason to buy your product and not your competitor’s.

Take for example, why would you buy an iPhone instead of an android phone or Microsoft?

Because there are features in the iPhone which are not in the android phone or Microsoft.

One way to come up with brilliant ideas for your product or INVENTING something is by combining two or more already existing ideas to create something new which has never existed.

The founder of Apple corporation Steve jobs says that “Creativity is just connecting things. 

When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.

It seemed obvious to them after a while.

 That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

Long story short, creativity is making a cocktail.

How to avoid making silly mistakes.

Speaking of faultless plans of action you need to consider having a mentor.

A man/woman whom you know personally or a person whom you’ve never met(but you should be knowing everything about them from what they ate in the morning for breakfast.)

The next best thing to being great is to emulate the great.

By feeling and actions.

Catch the meaning of the preceding epigram and you’ll get to understand what am talking about more.

“A prudent man should always follow in the path trodden by great men and imitate those who are most excellent, so that if he does not attain to their greatness, at any rate, he shall have a tinge of it.”

This is simply saying that if your goal is to be a politician and you emulate a successful politician (Lets say a certain president whom you admire) in actions and feeling, you’ll be a successful politician.

Even if you won’t attain to their level of success like being the President like them, you’ll be a senator or mayor at least.

I have had five mentors who have been of stupendous influence in my life.

Men whom I believe to be most excellent.

These men are:-

-Napoleon Hill.

-Benjamin Franklin.

-Steve Jobs.

-Jim Rohn.

-The forty fifth president of the united States Donald J Trump.

These men have shaped my life.

They are the reason as to why I came from the poorest and most humble of backgrounds to a self sufficient man owning a clothing company and restaurant.

Infact if it were not for reading THINK AND GROW RICH by NAPOLEON HILL I wouldn’t be alive to write this book.

Napoleon gave me hope when I had reached the end of the road.

Everyone is replaceable.

Anything that you do, somebody else can do it better.

That is why I highly encourage you to bring in your ‘A’ GAME every single day.

Everybody is replaceable, there is nothing special with any particular individual.

What makes some people special than others is going the extra mile and their ability to execute.

I was so fascinated by the work ethic of one irreplaceable boxer who goes by the name Floyd Mayweather that I’ll now introduce him, and let him speak for himself.

“I always had a dream, and my dream was to be the best. At 4:30 in the morning when my opponent is sleeping, I’m working, and when he’s up working at 2:00 or 3 o’clock, I’m working.

No fighter in history has beaten more champions than I beat. But is it over? Absolutely not.


I’m always going places mentally, that no other fighter can go. You know why? Because they are focused on other things that’s not important.


I never focus on things outside the ring. My focus is the guy that’s in front of me.

You get to where you are trying to get to by staying focused.


I train for every fighter the same way.


Floyd Mayweather’s words are more focused on going the extra mile. Pushing yourself.

Just so you know, Floyd Mayweather  has never lost in any fight in his entire career.

He has a clean record.

What happens is that when you take on a difficult task that people avoid, you get an extraordinary competitive edge in the market place.

You will be irreplaceable.

If you combine that with thinking big then you’ll be unstoppable.

People are afraid of thinking big.

Talk to everyone you meet and ask them of what they’d like to be and they’ll just say that they want to be a rich person. (No specifics).
No one will be able to stand and say, I’ll be the richest man in my country or the best lawyer in my country or even in the whole world like the way Ben Carson made history as a doctor.

Be the best that you can be and this is the point where I advise people to find their uniform.

One of the greatest cyclists of all time approves of this point.

His uniform was a pair of yellow spectacles which when he wore, no one would defeat him.

Just like superheroes have uniforms look for your ‘bad ass’ uniform which when you wear you feel like a boxer headed to the ring for a match.

When I wear a shirt, sweater top, a trouser and some well polished leather shoes I feel unstoppable.

I feel power from the heavens in me.

This is where innovation comes into play when it comes to being irreplaceable. Staying a head of the game.

If your man loves you for your looks well guess how many women  who look better than you are out there? Millions.

He’ll meet a better looking one and he’ll leave your sorry ass.

The point here is being irreplaceable.

A man won’t leave something that he won’t find again.


Be your best self.

As I was going through my news feed on Facebook the other day I saw this post about ILLUMINATI PYRAMID OF SUCCESS.

Success is like water flowing from the top of the pyramid.

The few people at the top of the pyramid get more than plenty of it while it decreases as the consumers increase down the pyramid.

The more irreplaceable you are, the higher you rank on the pyramid, the more successful you get.

Why people go from rags to riches and back to rags

Success can be no more than self development.

That’s why you’ll see people become successful and then go back to being poor because their success didn’t match up with their personal development.

They were just lucky. It’s not because they had the qualifications to be successful.

You’ll prove this to be true because the people who rise to success because of their hard work and knowledge never go back to being poor.

And the few that do due to unavoidable circumstances like the way Dave Ramsey went back to being broke due to bank’s incompetence,  they go back up to being rich again.

There are many examples to the people who went broke and came back up because the level of their self development wouldn’t allow them to be poor.

Some of these examples are people like Elon Musk the founder of SPACE X.

Elon musk founded PAYPAL, and was kicked out of his own company some years down the line.

He went back to being broke.

Two years down the line he started the company SPACE X for making space ships and another TESLA which makes electric cars.

He got a 1.6 Billion Dollar Contract from NASA on his company SPACE X.

He now has an estimated net worth of Twenty Billion Dollars.

From a fallen millionaire to a Billionaire.

Same case with the US president Donald J Trump.

That guy had a three billion dollar debt which he turned around to a net worth of Ten Billion Dollars.

The comeback is always greater than the set back.

You see, the best part of success is not achieving the actual goal, but the self development that we get in order to achieve that goal. 

The person that we become in order to achieve that goal.

You have to become more in order to get more.

When I was young I thought that success is only meant for some people, and guess what? Success is actually meant for some people.

People with certain character.

When I talk about BEING MORE, am actually talking about being that person who has the ability and qualifications to be successful.

1.You have to be persistent.

All successful people have this quality.

2.You have to gain knowledge

One common thing about successful people is that they read, they constantly gain knowledge.

3.You have to be a hard worker.

This is the basic and most effective of fundamentals.

Everything comes down to hard work.

This is the one sure way to being successful without even applying anything else.

Everything about success comes down to this because there is no traffic on the extra mile.

 We humans are wired to laziness so if you are a hard worker, nothing can stop you.

Some people are born with these qualities which are the people whom I said success is meant for.

While others acquire the skills to gain those qualities.

It is hard to adopt a new habit, specifically the habits of successful people, it is very hard.

But it is POSSIBLE.


Practice makes perfect.

You should exercise these qualities until they are handed over to your habit nature.

Until they become part of you.

You seriously can’t expect to be a hard worker overnight. It might even take years of practice and dedication but once you become MORE, you’ll gain MORE.

If we use our talents and work really hard at them, only God can limit how far we can go.


My friend and I went ahead to put our plans into action.

 Our plan was to start on making it on YouTube first since we were among the 1% of people in my country who listen to rock music, we wouldn’t make it locally.

We were different.

We had no camera to shoot videos with but we USED WHAT WE HAD.A 2MegaPixel webcam on a fortunate friend’s mini laptop.

We went ahead and shot the video. It was an original song by the way.

We uploaded the video on YouTube only to get a single view in a whole month.

A view which was ours of course.
Plans of action are supposed to be executed even when you are not ready.

Start with what you have and better tools will be found along the way.

The time will never be right for you to do or buy something.

There is that one thing that you’ve always wanted to buy but ‘you’ve never had enough money to buy it right?’ 

What you need to understand is that you’ll never have ‘enough’ money to buy it so what you need to do is sacrifice.

Sacrifice everything in order for you to buy that one thing.

And this is exactly how successful men and women attain their success.

They place back of their desires to insure the attainment of their objectives.

If you fail to DO IT NOW, what happens is that you are going to procrastinate and you’ll never get started in the first place.

Procrastination with or without cause has killed many dreams than failure ever will.

So DO IT NOW because tomorrow becomes NEVER. 

It may never come.

Success Attracts Success.

Most people procrastinate because they want to start big.

They feel that if they wait a little longer, they’ll get the right equipment.

I have learned with so many experiences that success attracts success.

That’s why you’ll see people start off as bloggers or YouTubers or artists in order to bridge into acting.

People say that the shortest path between two points is through a straight line but shortcuts don’t work.

Succeed in one thing then bridge into whatever you want.

If you want to be a YouTuber you can start off by being a blogger.

Am saying this with experience because when I started my YouTube channel, I never got above two views.

I had no audience.

But when I started blogging I got one thousand views on my YouTube videos in two months.

I used the ‘straight line method,’ it failed.

I then used the ‘success attracts success method,’ it worked.

So don’t wait for anything to happen or to start big.

Start that small business of yours and grow each day to the point that you want it to.
Invest While You are Still Immature.

I first heard this on a speech by Elon Musk where he encouraged young people take as many risks while they are young.

His reason was because when you grow up and get married, there is a lot at stake and taking risks will be harder because if you fuck up, there are many people who will suffer because of your stupidity.

My reason for telling people to invest while they are still young is because, immaturity is a good motivator for taking risks.

When you are immature you don’t really think a lot about the consequences of your actions.

You do not waste a lot of time anticipating the ‘bad’ that will happen.

You just focus on the upside of the coin and go all in.

Take for example the case of that movie by the title KID CANNABIS.

The movie is based on a true story of two American high school dropouts who crossed to Canada illegally and found a weed supplier.

They crossed the border as they wished at night and came back to the US carrying bags of weed with their friends and sold the weed in the US.

Their immaturity earned them 30,000,000 dollars until they were caught.

One should be immature enough to earn the money and mature enough to know when to stop.

I know it’s not the best of examples but it’s an example.

Procrastination with or without cause has killed more dreams than failure ever will.


      The First Sign Of Failure.

        As time went by,my friend and band mate went back to where he was born Illinois, Chicago for further studies and to live there for good which meant the end of the road for our band.

       It was a heartbreaking experience because I had this childhood dream which I had to accomplish but the bridge to get to it had collapsed.

      In that moment of decision I had to options, to give up on my dream and lead a miserable life or to fight on.

I chose to fight on.

The pulsating desire to achieve my childhood dream wouldn’t let me give up without a fight.

     Catch the significance of the preceding statement for its that which marks the difference between those who succeed in life and those who go down in misery and poverty.

What you need to understand in the face of failure is that your plans were not sound. Go back to the drawing board and formulate new ones. 

      I made new plans,practical ones at that.

With the new plans I had to pay the price of embarrassment since I had to START WITH WHAT I HAD which was convincing friends I sale their clothes which they didn’t wear anymore and I get a share of the money,but the reward was worth the effort.

       I had to go down that road since I had no clothes to sale.

we were so hit by poverty that I had to wear a shirt until the next best thing It could be done with is to be used as a rag to wash my dad’s old car which never moved an inch from where it was parked last. 

more than a decade ago.


The main reason as to why people give up is not being able to see results.

If you’ve been going to the gym for 2-3 months and you ain’t losing any weight (for reasons best known to you,or not) then why would you waste your time and energy?

There are four things to guarantee results. These are:

-Making few decisions.

-Mastering the gap.

-Shut your mouth.



Ever wondered why successful people wear the same kind of clothes everyday?

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, wears a grey t-shirt and a pair of black jeans.

The former president of the united States Barrack Obama wears black or blue suits only.

Same applies to Steve Jobs and the rest.

The reason as to why they do this is to get the job done.

Making too many decisions or taking on many projects is like dating ten women at once.

Diversification of attention, energy, love, money leaves none satisfied.

And this means that you won’t see any progress In your relationship with the woman  that you love most.

And sooner or later your relationship will be no more, or at worst, all your relationships won’t work.

That’s exactly  how setting goals and achieving them is like.

If you want to lose weight, don’t do it the same exact time when you are starting a new business.

These are two things that need serious attention.

If you do them both you’ll suffer in the end because you’ll have to give up one when it’s too late or you witness everything blowing up on your ugly face.

You should have a specific goal written down on paper.

Be very clear on the mission and figure out the steps to get there.

What am trying to say here is DATE ONE LADY.

If it’s the gym, let it be your only goal.

If it is a business that you want to start, let it be so.
2.Mastering The Gap

The problem with most people is selfishness.

We want to get without giving.

We want to post our first video on YouTube and become famous instantly.

There always is a gap which we should master inorder to get to where we want.

This gap is what people call practice makes perfect.

A fellow author called it the 10,000 hour rule which suggests that if we do something for 10,000 hours we become perfect In doing it.

Keep on producing those lame videos for years until you perfect the art.

Great authors like Stephen King admit that their first couple of books were shit.

What they did is they kept on writing for ten to twenty years until they perfected the art.

This is also true to my blog.

My latest posts can’t be compared to my first posts when I started blogging.

I am far much better now.

That cool YouTuber that you like watching didn’t become so cool overnight.

It took years of preparation.

The idea here is KEEP ON PRODUCING SHIT until you perfect the art.
3.Shut your mouth

 Telling people about your goals is unwise.

Many people have given up on their goals because a well meaning but ignorant person discouraged them.

The problem with this one is the person that you trust the most like your parents, siblings and relatives are the ones that discourage you.

They do it in a way which is meant to be humorous without knowing that what they’re words have been injected in your subconscious mind.

Besides, it’s your mother right?

You will believe her whether you like it or not and that Is when the war will be over for you.

Talking too much also deprives you of opportunities to gain knowledge.

Let one of your goals be keeping your mouth shut.
-Don’t judge a day by the fruits you harvest, but by the seeds you plant.

I was sitting with my mother one day watching the news and I said ONE DAY I’LL BUY ME A CAR AND A NICE HOUSE.

“What have you done with your life so far? Stop building castles in the air,” she said to me.

That line of “what have you done with your life so far,” has killed dreams and visions.

The way I see success is, take a four hundred meter race for example, and the finish line is success.

I might have done nothing visible yet(reaching success yet) but we are definitely not on the same spot in this four hundred meter race for success.

Both of us might be having nothing to show but maybe I am on my last hundred meters looking at the finish line and you are in your first two hundred meters may be walking or have given up on the race.

Both of us having nothing to show doesn’t mean that we are the same.

When someone uses this method to discourage you do not believe them.

It is easy to believe mostly coming from a close relative.

This goes a long way.

It has a lot to do with responsibility and one sure way of knowing if you are responsible is by answering this question below honestly.

Have you ever took blame for something wrong that you did? Or you always blame it on somebody else.

My mum used to blame people for her own mistakes.

The owner of the premises where she had a school shut it down because my mum had not paid the rent for a year.

The Landlord had been warning my mum to pay the rent during the year or else he’ll shut down the school.

She didn’t pay and once the landlord closed down the school my mum started saying that the landlord is inconsiderate, heartless, stupid and many more.

I never heard her say anything about how she wasn’t paying the rent.

She was always blaming it on the landlord.

If you have been going to the gym for three months and you’ve not seen any results you want to blame it on the gym instructor.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said, am not eating healthy, am not giving it 100% while am at the gym, I owe myself an explanation.

Until you get to that point, you’ll never see results (good results) in any undertaking.

Have a clear plan on how to achieve your goals and really commit yourself for the long run.

Physical changes aren’t seen In a minute but in years of commitment and doing what it takes.

What am saying here is YOU HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME.

You are the creator of your own misfortunes.

Your Network Is Your Net worth.

The hustle was real. There were many challenges which I had to overcome but through perseverance and serious saving,I made it to the next level which was to start a cloth line company online.

An idea which I BORROWED from a successful friend which was a pretty big step in my life because I did not need to beg anyone to sale their clothes anymore and of course I was a founder and CEO of a company. come on.

it wasn’t a real was just a page on Instagram where I advertised the clothes which I was selling. clothes which were made by my highschool buddy.They had a RH label on them which meant ‘RedHats.’ I made them unique. people love unique.

Why your network is your net worth.

The more people you know, the more potential resources you have to call on. These can provide you with useful knowledge (like the way I ‘borrowed’ a business idea from my friend), resources or friendly help and support. 

Having a great network makes you powerful.
If you want to be powerful..

1.Build greater networks.

2.Acquire scarce capabilities

3.Read as many books as you can.

4.Make use of your physical appearance (if you have one.)
1.Build greater networks.

As said above, the more people you know, the more potential resources you have to call upon.

2.Acquire Scarce Capabilities.

Scarce capabilities raise you above the common herd.

That’s why it’s recommended for one to invest in their talents.

Doing something that most people can’t gives you a competitive edge in the market place.

It will make you rich and famous.

3.Read as many books as you can.

If we have knowledge that most people don’t have, somebody needs us.

If people turn to you for information, powerful you are.

I know of a woman who’s monthly income was doubled and she was bought a car and a house near the company when she wanted to quit her job.

Now tell me, would a company go through all that trouble to keep a worker that didn’t profit it? Hell no.

She was so important that if she left, the company was as good as dead.

4.Make use of your physical appearance.

The only excuse that I’ve ever had for not being the richest person in the world is not being a woman.

If I was a woman or extremely handsome I’d be the richest person because looks make you more persuasive.

It is easier to get a business deal done or any deal when you have some extra persuasion.

Men are wired to treating women nicely.

 Being a woman will at least give you a chance to be listened to by a man no matter how dumb your idea is.

If you are a man you have to work twice as hard to make your deal so perfect that only a fool would resist it.

You have to make the deal itself irresistible.

The reason as to why I say that I’d be the richest person if I were a lady is because I have the ability to make a perfect business deal.

If I was to combine that ability together with being a woman, even the sky wouldn’t be my limit.

Make use of all that you have because lack of use causes loss.

If you do not employ, you forfeit.

If you do not make use of being a woman or being attractive then don’t blame anyone for your misfortunes.

There is this girl who I grew up with. She has rose to the millionaire status by the lone power of her beauty.

Nothing, nothing else.

And when you are dealing with people, and are planning to let them down, let them down with care.

Always leave a chance to be heard.

Even if that person will never forgive you or do you any favour, you do not know where you might meet.

Humans are not mountains. When I was a teenager I was with this girl who told me that she’s leaving town and we shall never meet again.

Next time we met it was in the city and she had just got robbed.

She had no money on her. But since she didn’t insult me or anything when we separated, I helped her out.

If she had done anything more than telling me that she’s about to leave I wouldn’t have helped her out.

I would have laughed at her instead.
Fake it till you make it.

Success calls for faking it till you make it.

It keeps you motivated because you don’t want to be seen as a cheat.

When I started that online business I was really respected because people thought that it was a real company.

It kept me motivated to do more and that’s largely part of the reason that I am where I am today.

There is a secret to the success of faking it till you make it though. 

You got to DELIVER.

Say something and do it that when you say you want to do anything people will believe.

   From that point on,it was a solid work ethic that would get me to my coveted goal.

I used to wake up at 5,go to the city,make the deliveries and get some cash.

 It wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes someone would make an order and after going to the city to make the delivery they would shamelessly switch off their phone.

You can imagine the waste of time, money and energy.

I came up with a solution though. 

One would pay half of the money as deposit (to show the commitment) and complete the payment on receiving the product.

You have three choices, give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got.


Quote: When a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it,he is sure to win.

     Time had come for me to better my game and earn serious money so I would set up the business of my dreams.

 it was a million dollar dream.A dream that separated me from the common heard.It was so big that it scared me.

if i dared tell it to anyone,they’d take me to a psychiatrist. Nobody I knew would have the guts to think that big.

Especially if they came from a background like mine.

      In order to get to that dream,I had to start a fast food restaurant because I had seen my aunt do well with it.

So i had to get money that would enable me to start a restaurant no matter how small it would be.

      It was the election year in my country and politicians were out there campaigning.I saw an opportunity. 

I decided to approach the politicians so they’d give me contracts to supply them with campaign materials. 

      Three of them accepted. 

That was the point where I decided to cut all sources of retreat and make my dream come true.

I quit College during my last year.I did not defer.

I just left.which left me with either to get what I want or my life would be over because considering our financial situation at home,my parents wouldn’t pay the school fees again.

I wouldn’t even let them.

This is what makes the job done.

No matter what failure or adversity that I had to come across nobody would start thinking of me going back to school just because my plans have failed.

That option was out of question.

It was a matter of planning ahead and changing plans.

There wasn’t room for retreat or surrender.

      Six months passed by.Nothing happened. 

The politicians turned their backs on me.I went back to the drawing board to formulate new plans because I had cut all sources of retreat.

 it wasn’t an option.

     I did what I do best. I USED WHAT I HAD.

I convinced my dad to put his old car on sale so I would use the money to settle down in a town which I wanted to invest in and start searching for business spaces on lease.

Because dad was waiting for some huge amount of money somewhere which he would lend me a loan,he agreed.

      The convincing took two months. 

It was not an easy thing to make dad support your project. 

you had to sale to him an idea he could buy.

We sold the car together and he gave me the money.       

That’s where I knew that I could actually sell cars.

I reached out to my best friend who sold cars to be his salesman.

He agreed.

In the business I got new connections. 

Sold the cars until I got enough money to start my fast food restaurant business.

This process took years to get to this point.

That’s the biggest problem with starting with nothing.

The difference between a rich kid and a poor kid is that rich kids only need to have a business idea and that’s it.

For people who come from zero like me have to come up with that same good business idea, then another good business idea which will be a stepping stone to the main business idea, then another good business idea to be the stepping stone of the stepping stone.

I had to sell my friend’s clothes in order for me to have enough money to start my ‘company,’ then to sell those clothes until I started selling used cars, then selling the used cars gave me the ability to start a fast food restaurant and am still in fast food restaurant business with the aim of getting into real estate.

It’s a long shot.

Something that the son of a rich man could have asked for capital to invest into real estate from his dad and get it within seconds.

Something which will take me more than ten years.

An average man cannot make past all those stages of stepping stones without giving up because most people don’t even start.

Because of fear of failure.


Burning bridges behind you ensures that the only way to go is forward.


      After I started to really cash in is when it came to my notice that money can’t buy happiness,but it is the main “ingredient” in the “recipe” of Happiness.

Besides, the number one cause of divorce on planet earth is money problems.

      You can never be happy with an empty stomach and an empty wallet.

when you don’t even have an idea on how to get a single dollar to buy some food for your family because you are already in debt with nearly everyone you know.

       when you can’t watch the television since the electricity is cut off because you haven’t paid the bill for months. 

No water due to the same reason. you have rent arrears of 5 months thanks to God you have an understanding landlord.

      long are such days and am writing this from experience. 

The days when you pray to God that no one in the family gets sick because if they do,they’ll surely die as you watch them.

When you are so poor that you can’t afford a smile.

I’ve seen little girls become prostitutes or being forced to get married to old men because of poverty in their homes.

If you dare open your smelling mouth and say money is not everything or money cannot buy happiness, may lightning strike you.

What happiness is there when a little girl twelve years of age is being sold to men?

      In times like these is when you realize how much happiness money can bring to a family. 

Research has it that financially stable families are happier.

      Happiness is made up of three things:      


    -Being kind

    -Association with positive people

     Money tops the list because it is the “flour” to the “pizza” of happiness.The main ingredient.

 if it is happiness you are seeking, center your attention on financial freedom and the rest shall fall in place.
How to live happily.

-Surround yourselves with positive people

Toxic relationships compromise your power, they drain your energy.

There’s an illness in psychiatry called relational illness.

There are some people who can make you sick.

Some people are so negative that they can walk into a dark room and start growing.

-Avoid loans

A loan is what is we call living beyond your means.

Applying for a loan is stupidity. 

Like getting a loan to buy a car.

Looking rich, but no freaking money.

A big den, with no lions.

First of all a car is a consumer. A liability.

Loans are not even meant for the use of starting a business in the first place.

They are meant for scaling up a business.

Most people get loans to please people.

Those people that you want to please are the same people who witness your downfall after your life is fucked up by loans.

You better stay unknown but have your respect other than being seen with a fine car and see it being taken away from you by the bank five months down the line.

-Don’t be in a hurry to get married

Marriage has 99 problems on itself.

The most unfortunate thing is that most people don’t get married because they want to.

They get married due to peer pressure and then when your marriage is faced with challenges everyone goes their way.
-Have Someone to believe in and something to do.

About someone to believe in, there’s some stuff out there that you can’t manage on your own.

There are things that are out of our control as humans beings like when you are in the ICU, only God can save you.

Dr. Ben Carson has witnessed in many surgeries he’s done, miracles happening after praying for the patient when he has already done everything he can as a doctor and failed.

You need someone to believe in. Even if it’s the spirit of the sacred goat from my other book THE NORTHMEN OF MONTECARA.

-A private life is a happy life.

When living a private life you don’t need to do anything to please anyone.

You are just free to do what you want without having to please anyone and that freedom is what we call happiness.

Privacy has lots of advantages including security.

When living a private life you are not in the raider of robbers.

It is called security in obscurity.

The other problems aside from money problems are as a result of our bad manners


      Human beings are naturally predisposed to comparing things, looking for which is better. 

That’s why you’ll see people in discussions about between this musician and the other, who sings better than the other even when the involved parties are not competing against each other.

     People pay millions of dollars to watch competitions disguised as entertainment.

As in football matches.

If competition brings about entertainment then why not indulge in this heathy competition of financial stability and freedom.

We live in a time where monopolies no longer exist.

There is competition all over so just do something and try to be the best in what you do.

      Even those who say that they aren’t in competition with anyone,you’ll find them comparing other people and things. 

They only say that because they feel that they don’t make the grade.

The bottom line is competition brings about entertainment and happiness then you ought to do whatever it takes to be the best.
How To Stay Ahead Of The Game.

People often think that staying ahead of the game is staying up all night working.

Let it be known that neck upwards hard work (which is not really hard work it’s all about having genius ideas) pays a hundred times more than neck-downwards hard work.

So what you really need here is to have a brain which can make discoveries. 

An innovative brain.

And the only way to have such a brain is to read and read and read and read.

Let it be known that more gold has been mined in books than in the depths of the earth.

If it were not for reading THINK AND GROW RICH By NAPOLEON HILL I wouldn’t be where I am now.

This book that you are reading wouldn’t be existing.

That book raised me from grass to grace.

May God be thanked for the existence of Napoleon Hill.

Invest in your brain.

Our actions are defined by our past experiences.

Acquisition of knowledge prepares one for responding better to situations in the future like when you are in a dilemma for example.

Reading enables us to make decisions more proficiently.

Our thoughts create our reality.

How to gain knowledge

In as much as I am advising you to gain knowledge by reading books, you really have to find out what works for you best.

Some of us have highly developed audio skills.

They learn better when they listen to an audio book than when they read the actual book.

Others like me get nothing when listening to audio books.

I must listen to a three-minute audio for more than twenty times to really get the message.

But when I read a book I only need to read it once or twice and everything is stored safely upstairs.

A Tip On How To Read.

If it is a book that you’ve bought like this one, read it with a pencil in your hand to underline the most important parts of the books.

This helps in memorizing the most important points and the whole book at large.

Make sure to repeat reading a book more than twice because each time you read the book, you get to understand the book more and see new things that you didn’t have a grasp of during the last read.

If you find yourself lacking in a brain then surround yourself with a mastermind group of people with whom you share the same goal.

A man who has the ability to control a mastermind group is equal to each and every man in the group.

So having a low IQ is not an issue.

Having a low IQ Doesn’t Mean You Are Stupid

We are brought up in a society where the one with high IQ is considered smart and the one with low IQ is considered stupid.

Let it be known that when it comes to smartness, IQ and REASONING vary.

Lack in IQ doesn’t mean lack in REASONING.

Have you ever wondered the reason as to why the ‘stupid’ kids in class behave more maturely than the ‘smart’ ones?

Because maybe what they lack is IQ, but their reasoning is on point. And that reasoning is the only requirement to succeed out here.


A fish and a monkey can’t climb the same tree.

That’s why it’s unfair to call someone’s child stupid just because someone else’s child is scoring better grades.

Make them rap or play football and see who’s the genius one.

Here is how our brain functions.

Let’s take 0 – 100% as our measure.

A genius is a person who has both IQ and REASONING at 100%.

An average person has both IQ and REASONING at 50%.

A stupid person has both IQ and REASONING at 0%.

The people who are excellent in business and scored D’s at school maybe having low IQ of even 20% but their reasoning is at 80%.

That reasoning is all it takes to survive out here.
How to gain from Education

This goes to ‘weak’ students in class.

Concentrate on your strengths.

If you are good in math you should be doing math 24/7.

If you are good in history, same thing.

When I was in high school I discovered that I scored good grades the sessions which I concentrated on my strengths which were Biology, History, English and Business.

Gone are the days where you had to balance your subjects in order to qualify to study for a certain career.

In the society today it’s a miracle to find a job.

So even if you study for the career no one will employ you.

Plus who wants to be employed anyway?

Self employment is one of the best experiences ever.

That which people call ‘security’ in employment is pure bull.

When employed, your fate is in the hands of your boss. Actually you having that job depends on the mood of your boss.

For how long will you keep on begging a human being like you.

Don’t be the laughing stock of your class in the name of career, work on your strengths and get good grades and fuck everything else.


How about upgrading your software which is you and your bad manners and your slow thinking.

You get to upgrade yourself to be a better you by conducting a self analysis at the end or beginning of each year.

Below is a self analysis test.

1.Have I achieved the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year?

2.Did I give my all when working towards achieving my goals?

3.Have I let the habit of procrastination decrease my efficiency? (Remember, procrastination with or without cause is still procrastination)

4.Have I improved my personality? And if so, in what ways?

5.Have I been persistent in seeing my plans through to completion?

6.Have I been open minded and tolerant in connection with all subjects of discussion?

7.Have I been intemperate?

8.Have I been conservative in budgeting my time and income?

9.Have I been unfair to anyone?

10.Am I on the right vocation?

Answer these questions and honesty.

The biggest problem with self analysis is that people lie to themselves.

When taking a personal inventory, you are the defendant, the prosecutor, the judge and the jury.

That is why its hard to get some real results from it when conducted by a person who considers themselves faultless.

I recommend going through the questions with somebody who hates you.

They might exaggerate but you’ll be sure to get honest answers


Show me your flaws and I’ll tell you why you were born.

We humans have preprogrammed patterns of behavior which help teach us lessons which we must learn so as to serve our purpose on earth.

This subtopic is from my blog.

I will give you examples like the story of a US mainstream comedian Kevin Hart

and others but first I’d like you to understand that everything happens for the greater good.

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

The greater good of you getting acquainted with your purpose in life.

If maybe your parent or parents died or you got heartbroken or anything.

Everything you have so far experienced in your life has served a purpose with helping you unlock your life’s purpose.

Which is your personal legend.

Everything happens for a reason and it is up to you to find that reason because it doesn’t make sense going through all that pain for nothing.


Kevin didn’t see much of his father when he was a kid.

As a coping mechanism Kevin found humor in order to battle against a fatherless childhood.

The experience of those brutal years would later become a source of most of his jokes.

The jokes were from a real experience and this is what made him stand out.

He tried to be like other comedians at first but he was always booed off the stage.

Until he started telling the jokes from his whole life’s experience when people noticed him and made him the man he is today.

You were born to serve a certain purpose in life.

Maybe to entertain people or to save a life somewhere or anything.

This purpose is spiritual.

It’s what is known as your personal legend. Your legacy.

Learning from your mistakes/misfortunes helps you unlock opportunities for growth which allows you to fulfil your purpose.

The preprogrammed patterns are like a genetic code that has been shaping your life experiences through your struggles and joys.

Your purpose in life is tied to your flaws, mistakes and misfortunes.

Own your flaws, they make you who you are.

I saw a guy with no hands and legs on TV.

He is a motivational speaker and a rich one at that.

While I am here with both hands and legs and with nothing to show for it.

The lack of hands and legs shaped him to be the successful man he is.

It’s not that if he had limbs he would be more successful, no.

Maybe he would be a Mr.Nobody from Nowhere if he had them.


The only way to find out your purpose in life is learning from mistakes and asking yourself this.

1.Why did this happen to me?

2.What effect or influence does it have on me?

3.What have I learned from this mistake/misfortune?

I came to love this lady back in college who was the last person you’d expect to be a bad person or even a prostitute.

She turned out to be both and more later on when I began to really know her.

God had mercy on me because at least she cheated on me before our relationship became ‘too serious.’

Otherwise that experience would have killed me.

So I later on asked myself,

1.Why did this happen to me?

To teach me not everyone with a smooth talking voice is a nice person and no matter how innocent someone looks, you better dig deep.

Pretenders are very good in what they do and this explains why people end up divorcing.

2.What effect/influence does it have on me?

At first I had these stupid thoughts that all women are prostitutes and cheap cheats although 99.9% of them are, but I knew something else too.

Where there is bad, there is good.

If there are bad women, there still are good ones and all I needed to do is to find the good ones.

3.What have I learned from this mistake/misfortune?

I should know a person inside out before entrusting my heart to them no matter how good they may appear to be.

This gave me the ability to see through people before making business deals with them.

How the coca cola Company Came About.

The Coca Cola Company is as a result of finding opportunity in adversity.

It was first made to serve the purpose of a patent medicine.

The founder of coca cola didn’t start it to be the company it is today.

He was making himself medicine

In April 1865, Pemberton (the founder of coca cola)  sustained a saber wound to the chest during the Battle of Columbus . 

He soon became addicted to the morphine used to ease his pain.

 In 1866, seeking a cure for his addiction, he began to experiment with painkillers that would serve as opium -free alternatives to morphine. 

 His first recipe was “Dr. Tuggle’s Compound Syrup of Globe Flower”, in which the active ingredient was derived from the buttonbush ( Cephalanthus occidentalis), a

toxic plant which is common in Alaska. 

 He next began experimenting with coca and coca wines , eventually creating a recipe which contained extracts of kola nut and damiana, which he called Pemberton’s French Wine Coca.

That’s when he sold it’s rights due to illness and bankruptcy.

Opportunities are found in adversity.The greater the adversity, the greater the opportunity
                 THE AMOUNT OF WORK IS THE SAME     

  let it be known that whether you choose financial freedom or poverty, the amount of work is the same.

You either pay the price of discipline or the price of suffering and regret.

My indifferent father used to console himself saying that rich people do not sleep.

I’d like to tell you that he himself never slept because of stress.

I used to hear him waking up more than twice at night going to make some strong tea to cool his head down.

I’d rather not sleep when am rich and have my manhood with me than lack sleep due to poverty and misery and shame.

Besides, rich men sleep.

I might not be there yet but according to statistics am in the 3% richest people in the world and I sleep like a baby.

The price for being rich is discipline. 

       Like our highschool teacher used to say, “If you fail to rush to class now, you’ll rush chasing vehicles by the roadside in future as a hawker.”

       I would like to borrow her words and say that you will pay the price anyway,the difference is time, and compensation in money between the times is vast. 

you either do it now and be well compensated in money or do it later and face the consequences

      its like brushing teeth.

its either you’ll take care of your dental health or you’ll later experience toothache,get some painful shots on your toungue  and your teeth will be  pulled off by a pair of pliers,,,then you start brushing your teeth everytime forcefully before you lose all teeth to the dentist.

     Both Riches and poverty are a state of mind.states of mind can be cultivated through practice. 

You maybe poor on the outside but never let poverty consciousness consume you on the inside. For then the war will be lost.

     There is no hope for such a person who poverty consciousness has got to his head.

People who are poverty conscious say things like “Money is not everything,” “My time will come” and they believe that rich people are just lucky or blessed.

      Let it be known that God has already blessed you with a brain, and thats all there is to you use it is what makes you rich or poor.

 There is no such thing as luck when it comes to money conscious people. Men and women who believe in cause and effect.

     Men who desire something and demand the universe for it.Men who are willing to pay the price.

But if you still believe in luck then I have a word for you.

Let it be known that luck comes in through the back door.

Never expect it to come like a huge contract or anything.

In fact the bigger the luck, the harder it becomes to notice it.

Everyone has his own luck. The problem is that we have the wrong idea about luck.

We think that luck is waking up one day and finding a million dollars in the bank from nowhere.
How To Find Luck.

Luck comes in many forms.

It might be a single sentence that your friend said which gave you the inspiration to do something great.

And mostly the most stupid and ignorant person you know.

Trust me.. In 2016 the guy who I despised the most told me something that contributed largely to my today’s success.

or a bad thing that happens to you.

1.Luck from a conversation.

We all know of this movie by the title KID CANNABIS .

It’s based on a true story.

A story of two American high school dropouts who rose from being broke desperate sons of mothers to multimillionaire businessmen in month’s time.

A five minute conversation worth 30 million dollars in cash.

Not bad for a teenage high school dropout right?

Please go watch the movie and you’ll know what I am talking about better.

In THINK AND GROW RICH, Napoleon Hill explains how his luck came about.

His luck was a single sentence in his conversation with Andrew Carnegie when he was young.

Carnegie suggested to this small boy Napoleon Hill to write the book THINK AND GROW RICH.

If someone suggested to you to research poor people and rich people and write a book like THINK AND GROW RICH when you were a child would you have done it?

I wouldn’t.

It took him 50 years to write that book.

2.Luck From A Misfortune.

My luck came in when I lacked school fees to pay for my highschool studies and I was sent home where I was still kicked out and went to live with my aunt.

At auntie’s I met her genius boyfriend who had invented a new way of running a fast food restaurant that would bring in FIVE TIMES the profit that normal fast food restaurants make.

But I despised the idea for very many years because I couldn’t believe that a simple restaurant would make such profits.

When I went to work as a cashier in his hotels I Saw it with my own two eyes.

So I started working towards achieving the goal of having enough capital to start a fast food restaurant with what I had.

I had enough capital in five years time. And the rest is history.

So what do we learn here?

If I had enough school fees I wouldn’t be sent home and kicked out.

If I wasn’t kicked out I wouldn’t meet with my auntie’s boyfriend.

If I wouldn’t meet him I wouldn’t find my luck in life so one place to look for luck is in adversity.


Catch the significance of the preceding epigram and you’ll understand better what it is that am talking about. 

“Every heartache, every adversity carries with it a seed of an equivalent benefit.”

This is to mean than the greater the adversity, the greater the luck you’ll find in it.

That said, if you are too slothful that the only way you can be rich is by getting married into wealth then do not expect this tall and handsome guy to marry you.

What would he want to do with you anyway.

Most successful people that I know were weird kids when they were younger.

People like Ed sheeran.

Start seeing through weird kids.

And learn to love them.

 They tend to be more successful than the others because they ‘wake up’ early in life and work towards achieving their goals while the rest of the kids are out there wasting time ‘living only once.’

No one will accept you after they are already made.

Thank me later.

I know of a very short ugly guy who won a two million dollars lottery.

He later posted on Facebook a very beautiful lady who had failed to respond to his inbox messages on Facebook.

Imagine ignoring a guy and you see him on TV two days later having won 2 million dollars and you are poor as fuck.

The value of your brain is determined by your income,and what you do for a living is the only thing that you can do best.

     The best thing that a striper can do in this world Is to take off her clothes.The best thing that a house help can do is mop floors and wipe windows.

       THE BAIT, the state of mind

Quote: There is no need to get ready when you live ready.your daily routine is the blueprint of how you’ll excecute and accomplish your goals and dreams. Work hard,focus,develop yourself so that opportunity doesn’t have to knock because the door is already wide open with a table full of cookies and milk.

If it is riches that you’d wish to attract, elevate your game which is the mindset in this case which will act as the bait to attract riches.

  Our thoughts create our reality. you cannot do something that you haven’t thought about in the first place. 

so the first step toward the development of the state of mind which is meant to attract riches is to invest in your brain

     Read as many books as you can lay your hands on.

   Real success is found in habit. Those over night success stories you hear are 15 years in the making. 

Riches that come quickly are more dangerous than poverty.
Setting Goals.

You cannot change your financial situation at once, but you can make a decision to do so at once.

Let it be known that once you set sails, it doesn’t matter on which direction the wind blows.

It will still be pushing you forward towards achieving your goals.

That is the reason as to why you are told that once you set your goals, the world conspires to help you accomplish your goals.

I always recommend one to invest in their passion.

For those that start with nothing like I did you should look for stepping stones which will get you to get enough money to invest in what you love.

My dream has always been hosting a TV Show. A US based TV Show.

And I created stepping stones to aid in achieving that goal and I am an inch away from that goal.

The secret to goal setting.

When setting goals, you need to make sure that you choose the hardest goal to achieve.

Choose the hard path.

Choose a goal that scares the shit out of you when you think about it.

This is what we call THINKING BIG.

Thinking big is thinking beyond “being realistic,” which is the most trodden path to mediocrity.

Most people are afraid to think big and that gives people like us an extra ordinary competitive edge in the market place.

There is no traffic on the extra mile. This is something that I want you to keep in mind.

I had dreams so big that they nearly got me sick.

If you have goals that don’t fill you with anxiety then you have no goals at all.

Those are just dreams.

There’s a big difference between goals and dreams.

A goal is a dream with a plan.

To dream is just to fantasize.

Just like you’d fantasize having the cutest girl in school. You’ll fantasize for years and She’ll never be yours.

But if you come up with a plan to get her then your fantasy/dream becomes a goal and that’s when it becomes a reality.

Just think big.

Have a goal that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach whenever the thought of your goal or anything related to it hits your mind.

Until you feel like how you felt the first time you approached a girl.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the ability to achieve it at the moment.

You will gain it as time goes by.

In order for us to get more, we must become more.

And this is the most important point on having goals.

It is not just about achieving the goal itself. It is about what the goal makes of you before you achieve it.

The person you have to become in order for you to achieve your goal.

When I was writing this book, I realized that the more I kept on reading other books, the sharper I got.

The more skillful and motivated I got.

Talking about thinking big as thinking above being realistic, have you ever sat down and thought about the magic that happens for men to fly? 

Or do you just look at aeroplanes and think “yeah, it’s an aeroplane, it should fly.”

Imagine living back in the 19th century then you hear somebody say that humans can travel high above the ground by use of a machine.

I’d personally take that person to hospital.

That idea is not realistic at all.

People have explained to me and I’ve read about how an aeroplane flies but I’ll never be convinced.

It is magic. And am in love with it.

Why Setting Goals Is Important.

When I had no goals more than five years ago, I used to get a lot of money but I’d squander all of it over the weekend.

My life was just going backwards and backwards without my knowledge.

Once I had goals set and written down on a piece of paper, that’s when my life changed.

You are always one decision away from a totally different life.

Once you set your goals, you dress in a different way, you talk in a different way, your behavior changes completely.

You start being the person who is able to achieve that goal.

You see, the best part of achieving your goals is not actually achieving them. It is the person they make of you that matters.

Goals shape one’s character.

If you are poor in the 21st Century, Shame on You.

If a man from the 20th century and back came to earth today and saw somebody poor in this age, killing you would be the least that he could do.

Technology has made life so easy.

Gone are the days when an author needed to submit his book which he committed years of his life writing only to be rejected by the publishers.

In this day and age all you need to do is write your manuscript, self publish it on Kindle Direct Publishing, then promote it on social media.

How easy is that?

Doing everything at the comfort of your house and then you sit back and watch dollars flock in your bank account.

You can also be a YouTuber or a blogger or anything.

Damn, people are millionaires for just being YouTube celebrities.

An opportunity which is there for everyone.

Watch YouTube celebrities or the bloggers who are serious with blogging and see the millions they make.

I know too of many self published authors who are millionaires.

There is no excuse to being poor in the twenty first century.
  Raise responsible kids,  PERPETUITY OF WEALTH.

Quote: Show me a great man who is the son of a great man 

      It is a well known fact that success is not parmanent,its rented and the payment is due everyday.

This, means that in order to maintain wealth for generations to come,you must raise responsible and money conscious children

       its quite lamentable to see a son or  a daughter of a millionaire end up in a rehab.A person who had all the opportunities in the word but he chooses the way to rehab.

Raising responsible kids comes down to self reliance.

It all comes down to self reliance and responsibility and there is no easy path to the destination of self reliance and responsibility.

 I’m gonna tell you guys a story, a true story of my president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The president of our country was asked in an interview the reason as to why he is so self reliant and responsible considering the fact that his father was President as opposed to rich kids who depend on their parents for everything.

 This was his answer, “There was a time when my fellow classmates and I were being bullied back in boarding school.

 My classmates asked me how I could be treated so badly while my dad was the President.

 I called my dad one night over the phone and said, DAD,WE ARE BEING BULLIED AT SCHOOL PLEASE DO SOMETHING THEY WILL KILL US. 

My dad slowly said, YOU SHALL LEARN TO FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES and he hang up on me.”

This is what we got wrong about loving our children. 

If you give them too much attention and do everything for them they never learn to be responsible and when they end up in rehab, you’ll have yourself to blame.

Parents please don’t let your child die with you.

When I grew up l had no goals at all.

This was because I was raised by shitty parents who lied to me that money is not everything.

I call them shitty because they nearly cost me my financial freedom which is practically my life by filling me with stupidity.

When you raise your child with such stupidity he grows up to be stupid like you.

Why would I set goals for myself if “money can’t buy happiness,” if “money is not everything.”

This is why the book RICH DAD, POOR DAD was written.

This is why sons of poor men become poor adults while sons of rich men become rich adults.

Because of the lessons they get from their parents.

The only thing that saved me was open mindedness and tolerance.

I question everything.

I started questioning these lies my parents told me and saved up some money and went to the book store and bought a book called THINK AND GROW RICH.

That book delivered me practically from hell.
Recreate Yourself.

This is the reason as to why I ask young men and women to recreate themselves as soon as they are eighteen years of age.

Because until you do it, forget about “making your own decision,” because the decisions that you make are based on what your parents instilled in you.

If you have thinking parents, good for you, you do not have to go through all this.

But if your parents cheat you that money isn’t everything then do this.

Take your personality and put it aside for a while. All your believes and everything.

You are now supposed to judge if this character of yours or believe is of good use to you or not.

The only way to get honest answers is writing down mantras that mock your believes.

You are supposed to say and repeat these mantras until you believe them to be true.

The last thing that you want to do is to hold on to a belief.

Repeat these mantras even if it takes you months.

The prize of designing your own life is worth the effort.

When you have completely denounced your beliefs, take a look at them again.

If something is profitable to your life, keep it. If it doesn’t, leave it where it is, away.

What I’ve just taught you saved my life.

It is worth doing.


    GoD & HEALTH. (This is Personal)

          History is not lacking in examples of wealthy and famous men and women who end up commiting  suicide due to depression.

          I once saw a comment on a Facebook page of a rock music celebrity who had committed suicide. I was quite intrigued by the comment since it was something new to me.

          The comment went something like “If he had accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and personal saviour, he’d still be alive.”

          With the comment followed some hateful comments but I kept thinking to myself, “why has she posted such a comment?” 

Because normally I’d say that he would have sought professional help,but this person thought differently.

         After pondering on it for some time and doing some research I found out that, it is only in God that    we can find peace. 

Because when you  come  to think of it,why would a person so  famous and wealthy commit suicide while he has all the professional help that he needs at his disposal.

  The preceding statement is worth repeating.It is only in God that we find peace. The only remedy for depression is God. 

Drugs only worsen the situation which I believe lead the people to commiting suicide.

        Its quite a pity to see a young successful person who has the whole world in front of him give up on life leaving little children orphaned. A selfish act in deed.         

       So for the sake of your loved ones if not for yours,Go out there and be a Christian or Muslim or whichever religion you’d like.we worship one God,only differently.

       No more suicide. I’d start such a campaign if I had the time



        From past experiences its evident that at the hospital bed nothing else matters in life but good health.

 It’s the time when you think of good health as a miracle.

      This is to say that in as much as we are caught up in our busy lives,health should be a priority and the top priority at that. 

No matter how much money you have at the bank,it won’t save you from death.

Let it be your goal to eat healthy, run  a few miles each morning or evening and avoid stress.

There are two types of illnesses which can’t be healed or be prevented  by running a few miles every morning or evening or by eating healthy.

These illnesses are:

1.Relational illnesses


In the case of relational illnesses you need to choose wisely the people you choose to be in your life.

You see, some people make you sick.

The number one cause of stress nowadays is dealing with toxic people.

What comes after lots of stress, anxiety and over thinking? ULCERS.

There’s lots of health issues brought about by that unholy trio.

In the case of hypochondria , it is proven that the fear of a disease often produces the physical symptoms of the disease feared.

Seventy five per cent of the people who visit physicians suffer from hypochondria.

Hypochondria is a term used to describe imaginary illnesses.

A research was conducted and it was proven that one may be made ill by suggestion.

When someone dares to ask me about how I feel, I feel like replying by a fist to their ugly face.

The problem is that nothing that comes in bottles or in the form of tablets has the ability to cure hypochondria.

All you have to do is to rewire your thoughts.

Negative thoughts cause hypochondria.

The habit of talking of an illness and concentrating your mind upon a disease until a nervous break occurs.
Find your source of power.

People have been discovering their sources of power since the beginning of time.

The source of power of Jesus Christ I’m the bible and moses was the mountains.

The source of power of prophet Muhammad was the caves.

Your source of power is the place where you go to escape the world and have some lone time.

When you go to these places when stressed out, you come back a different man.

It’s like recharging yourself like you recharge your phone when it’s battery low.

One of my friends goes to “recharge” himself on the lake with a boat.

Other people like an ocean view.

When they stare at the ocean, their bodies calm down extraordinarily.

All the stress goes away.

My source of power is the mountains.

I make the most important life decisions on the mountains.

There am able to think.

When am on top of the mountains I feel the power of the heavens in me.

All the stress and depression goes away. And I come down feeling like a boxer going to the ring for a boxing match.

For those who know me maybe from my blog or elsewhere are aware that I like saying the truth and I end up hurting some people so if I hurt you, I am sorry.

And If you have liked this book or learned something from it please search it on Google and leave your honest review.

Thanks guys, I love you.


 You can contact me on:

Twitter- @EmmanuelRockan


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  1. You made me cry this time! I’m literally on a point where I’m starting a small startup and I’m really facing problems daily. It was my dream, but now after reading your words it has become my life. Thank you so much for saving my life with this blog of yours. I thank god that I came through “Life Lessons” otherwise I would never have known how beautiful my life already is ❤
    God bless u my friend, bless u to no limits!
    Now I know that I’m ready to create my art products and it would be a really great thing if you do connect with me here. It would be a great pleasure to have you here. Do follow back so that I know that somebody is there 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for this post it has really inspired me. I recently lost my job and just started blogging, hoping to turn my passion for writing into a profitable vocation. Its really great to see a success story like you out there. Do you have a website??

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