​Twitter Trick.

How to gain followers on Twitter.

I created a Twitter account @EmmanuelRockan last week and I now have 100 followers.

Within that short period of time.

But how did I manage to do it?

I’ve explained most of the things on a previous post BLOGGING ON TWITTER but in this post I’ll tell you of my ‘secret sauce.’

And here it is…

I LIKED everything that came across my ugly face.

Make sure you LIKE every tweet that comes across your sorry ass face.

More so, RETWEETS and tweets in which people are mentioned.

It is how you get noticed.

That person will log in to their account and see your like.

They’ll follow you and you’ll follow them back and then tweet to them thanking them for their FOLLOW.

Most people think that you get noticed by following people.

That is how you’ll end up with an account which has 10 followers while you follow 500 people.

Well, guess what? People don’t follow such accounts.


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