​Good Bye Guys.

Hey guys,,,

I’ll quit blogging and everything which isn’t of gain to my business in the next few months in which I intend to “reorganize” my life.

I want to focus on my business.

I’m starting this company and I don’t want any distractions and if you’ve read my book START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE you know something about FOCUSSING ON ONE THING.

I’ll be back on December when everything is in order.

I’ll come back harder with podcast and everything.

See you then guys.

Love you.

75 thoughts on “​Good Bye Guys.

  1. Good Luck! Ill miss your posts til youre back again and hoping to hear of your great success. Remember that when 6ou are feeling a lot of stress along the way….that writing or talking about it can not only ease it but can help you sift through your thoughts and come to solutions. Again, much luck!

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      1. Hi Emmanuel,
        Yes. I have read it. I’m pretty busy at the moment and I don’t want to write you a hasty, or thoughtless comment. I should give you the courtesy of true conversation and thought. I’ll get back to you on this topic as soon as I can give you proper attention.

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  2. Omg 😲 I always look forward to reading your posts!! But you have to do you first for sure!! Good luck with everything, although if I know you how I think I do from here then you don’t even need luck because you are a strong guy who knows his own mind and you know what you want!! I’ll be all over your comeback in December lol Take care 😊

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  3. All the best with your business venture. I admire your focus and determination, and think you will get far in life. You’ll be missed, but you know all about my sabbaticals from blogging when I want to focus on writing. They have lasted anything from 1-3 months, which I know is shorter than the one you intend, but you’ve told us all, so we know you haven’t disappeared forever. In my experience, most of my followers have still been there when I’ve returned to the blogsphere, as I’m sure yours will be.

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  4. I wish you the best but I believe , even if it is one in a week or once in a month, you can still blog. Best wishes.


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