Hi Guys

I really really miss you guys, I couldn’t wait until december to say hi to you.

Over the past few months I’ve really learnt a lot when running my two businesses.

Some of the things that I’ve learned are spiritual and they are really scary, actually if my fellow blogger from india didn’t help me out of the spiritual situation that I was in I don’t know where I would be right now.

If you’ve read that book called Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and you think its just about money then you are very mistaken.

That book is more spiritual than financial.

Most of the things mentioned there are the secrets of the occult.

I have experienced a lot this year and I don’t want to keep all that important information to myself.

That’s selfishness of the highest order.

I am now torn up between writing a book and give it for free on amazon or to charge the book $200.

By the time the book is over I’ll have made my decision.

Below I’ll give you a glimpse of what happened to me this year.

On the first day of may, I began to dream dreams which became a reality the following day or in the course of the week.

This shocked me.

A week later I started seeing something like a shadow on my periphery.

I was so ignorant in the spiritual world that I didn’t know what that entity was exactly.

I didn’t know that it was my third eye which had opened and I could see ghosts and spirits and the future.

I even have the power to curse someone and hear some hours later that something bad has happened to them.

I google searched my experiences and I knew that I could get help from asians specifically indians.

Good thing I knew some indian blogger friends.

I sought help from a blogger friend called ENNI and she told me what to do.

I wont say anything else for now. Wait for my book.

It will either be free or costing $200 because it is the secret to both wealth and happiness and most importantly, Peace of mind.

No wonder Napoleon Hill written a book called Grow Rich With Peace of mind.

Thank you loved ones, until next time, may I say goodbye.


26 thoughts on “Hi Guys

  1. Wow here you are 🙂
    Spirituality is something that gives you peace…isn’t it?
    Congo for your book mr..whether you sell it free or 200$ send me the pdf version. :p
    See ya 😉


      1. Everyone has his and it works because many people emailed me after seeing this post and said they had just thought about me. Wait for my book and pray to god that I give it out for free,, hahah


  2. I think that if you charge $200 for your book it may never be read by the people who could benefit from it the most: however, those same people might think it’s not worth reading if it’s going for free, that is, unless you say it’s free for a month and thereafter it will cost $200. Having said that, I think that you should look at what the going rate is for your type of book and charge around the same price (unless it’s so unique that there isn’t another one like it, of course). The trouble is, as successful as you’re being, you’re not a celebrity or in the official top ten of the rich list … yet … so it might be hard to convince people to pay too much at this point in time. I’d take the middle way, unless your guiding spirit says otherwise and says I’m talking a load of nonsense.
    Wishing you all the best, and look forward to your return in December 🙂


    1. You have said so much sense… Its true,,,, how about i give it out for free for a week and charge $50 then,,, There is no other book like mine.. The closest thing to my book is one written by Napoleon Hill called Outwitting The Devil.
      Its the spiritual side of humans and how it affects our daily normal lives. My book is already 20,000 words long. It’s going all the way to 50,000

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      1. You must choose your keywords very carefully, so the book reaches the right readership. Also, it may be worth investing $100 on using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) for advertising your product and telling as many people as possible that it’s there from the start. There are two different sorts of adverts you can do, and I believe in one of them you’re allowed to name-drop other authors’ names i.e. the one you’ve just mentioned. I may be wrong about this, but I don’t think so. You’re not allowed to mention other authors in your keywords or Amazon description, so the AMS advert is a way around this. I’m thinking of having a go at an advert soon, as it’s also a way to refresh interest in a book that you’ve published a few years back.


      2. I assumed you were using KDP, but you will have to pay extra for proper marketing. Also, were you intending to pay them to format both your Kindle and paperback versions? Bear in mind that their service doesn’t include the intensive proofreading and editing that traditional publishers involve themselves in. This is your responsibility, or you may prefer to pay a freelance proofreader/editor to handle this bit in advance of submission to KDP, but it will cost you, although ultimately the more perfect and professional the product, the better your chance of decent reviews and sales. I know you’re very keen to get your book out there, but I would research all avenues before publishing and exercise some patience, however hard that might be!


      3. To submit to a traditional publisher, with non-fiction works, you usually have to send them a book proposal first and a brilliant covering letter/email but, be warned, don’t use any sales’ gimicks. Just tell them succinctly about the book and any relevant bio. However, there is no guarantee that a traditional publisher will take you on, however good your book is, as they have to stump up the money and not you. Be warned, it is very hard to get traditionally published D: I have The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook to refer to. If you can get that, or some equivalent reference book, that will list all the publishers, what type of books they’re interested in, and their submission guidelines.
        When I was talking to you about freelance proofreaders and editors, these people are not part of a publishing company but do freelance work for whoever, whether its typescripts shipped out to them by traditional publishers, or self-published people. I hope this helps.
        I’m disappearing for a month now, to do some editing and proofreading of my own!
        Good luck, and I’ll catch up with you on my return.

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