Is Africa Being Colonized By China?

This topic couldn’t wait.

A lot has been going on in my country Kenya and Africa at large.

Just the other day the president of china invited the heads of African states and lend some Billions of cash to each and asking something in return.

What we know about that “something in return,” is little though we have already seen some serious changes in our countries.

In my country Kenya for instance, our policemen are wearing Chinese police’ uniforms.

Research has it that 90% of African private companies right now belong to china.

What’s happening?? That police uniforms part has me wondering.

28 thoughts on “Is Africa Being Colonized By China?

  1. The Chinese own quite a lot and have a good deal of business interests in the UK, too. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult to find products that don’t have “Made in China” written on them! They are powerful and they are clever. Time will tell if this is mutually beneficial to the countries they make deals with. One thing, our police aren’t wearing Chinese uniforms yet, although I must say they’re a nice colour fabric 😉

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  2. More than likely they just got a good bit on the uniforms. However, China is said to be be buying mineral rights all over the world. About 20 years ago China sent recruiters to Appalachia to recruit miners to come to China and improve their mining technology. They offered us ” Sovereign ground” like an embassy. (I didn’t accept). Many of the rare earth elements used in computers and batteries ( lithium for example) are found in Africa. Guard your economy and your environment. They will take your valuable minerals and poison your land without just compensation. And they will make it sound like an opportunity.

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  3. I hope the uniform is not proof! How would a government sell their souls without the consensus of the masses! Well I’m not surprised, I pray greed doesn’t overcome us all one day.We really need to do better as Africans.


      1. Now you know what you need to do. You need to start investing in your own country and creating your own jobs and opportunity. I think the other commenter would agree that if you don’t want the Chinese to take over your country you will have to invest in the opportunities you want your country to have.


  4. I will say, unequivocally, that this is old wine in new bottles. The slave trade was built around this very same concept, and the rulers of several coastal states, back in those dark days, bought the Europeans’ and Arabs’ hollow promises, wholesale. Do not let Mr. Kenyatta, or any other leader, remain in that trap. Job opportunities that last, will be created by African ingenuity, and there is a lot more of that than the leaders of the nation-states want to acknowledge.

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  5. I just want to say that the uniform those policemen wear in your country is not exactly the same style with Chinese police.For everything we have witnessed,I think we should think it over before we make comments.


  6. China has sought to expand its boundaries for some time now. Their main way of spreading their influence is by promising countries in Africa, their political leaders to be exact, that they will bring jobs to their struggling economies by building factories. The politicians agree due to the fact that they believe it will gain them reputation and love with their electors. They think that bringing more jobs will not only help their economy but help them stay reelected. The problem is that China after several years begins to spread their influence and starts playing the enslavement game with the politicians of the particular country. Eventually, China will want something in return for their investment. The particular cost is unknown but most times it will be steep. This is of political discussion when it regards international relations with the United States.

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  7. It’s unfortunate but that’s the reality we are living in as Africans. When Trump called us a shit hole countries we all went up on arms but we have nothing to defend ourselves than to go back and beg from the same people that insults us. So, we have to live the moment till the shit cannot come our of the hole anymore.

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  8. I know I’m quite late on this interesting post which I just stumbled across today. I was compelled to comment because of what I’ve been observing, and the ill-feelings I have towards most African nations that want to always be subservient to other nations whose economies are either strong, or gaining popularity worldwide. This is not an issue about China compelling African nations to become colonized, like it was when some countries colonized others early last century,. This is rather about China reaching out, and other nations, especially African nations, accepting to become what I may call “subservient followers”. I am from Nigeria. Nigerians and most African nations seem to practice these types of attitudes in their homes, politics, businesses, etc. Please note that I am not trying to take away any positives that might exist between any nation that associates with china, but I’m trying to say that Africans like being subservient to some extent, and this has permeated through many other activities. Thank you.

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