The only GET RICH QUICK that works.

Spiritual forces of man.
There are two ways by which to make money..

One is through hard work , and the second is through the spiritual forces which all of us are blessed.

I only know two ways through which you can Change your whole life completely in 12 months.. Turning a frog to a prince.

1.Receiving guidance from entities from the spirit world (i can teach you a safe way I learnt from the AUTHOR of Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill)

In this post i’ll talk about charity.
If people knew how much good charity can do for them, everyone would have a charity Foundation.

One american philosopher wrote an essay called THE LAW OF COMPENSATION.

It states that there is a third silent party to every bargain.
It punishes wrong doing and rewards acts of kindness..


The AUTHOR of RICH DAD POOR DAD wrote a chapter about charity and said GIVE WHAT YOU WANT TO RECEive..

My own experience.
Before I knew about the law of COMPENSATION , i used work extremely Hard to make money..

But shit Happened last year and I lost my three businesses..

Thought my life was over,, until i read Napoleon Hill’s books one more time..
I used one of his tricks and started to talk to his SPIRIT..

His spirit told me about GIVING/CHARITY and how charity can make me a millionaire..

So i created a charity Foundation.. I talked to my friends into joining me and they did..

I even got a girlfriend when people knew that I do charity.. (COMPENSATION my friends.)

Those friends of mine funded the whole project until i made my own money through guidance from the spirit world..

My life has changed ever since i begun charity.. A relative called me and bought for me machines worth millions to start my own company..

Doors are just opening.. My life is getting easier and easier because of charity.. Talk about COMPENSATION..

I can give you examples of people who GIVE and receive much more.. I love you guys and i’d like to see you all prosper..

Give, give again, repeat.


8 thoughts on “The only GET RICH QUICK that works.

    1. Read the last chapter of the book by Napoleon Hill called Outwitting The Devil… You’ll understand me specifically what the spirit of Thomas A Edison told Napoleon Hill… In that chapter you’ll find how to invoke spiritual entities of anyone.. Living or dead.. But as for me, i am guided by angels.. Not spirits of men.. I don’t trust them


  1. I read Think and Grow Rich years ago and found his theories ineffective and occultic. Later, reading about Hill’s dishonest business practices and visits from so-called spirt guides convinced me that he was a charlatan to be avoided.

    In what sense are you “guided by angels,” Emmanuel? And how do you know they are, 1) real, and 2) from God?


    1. Occultic, yes, ineffective, absolutely not… Try his invinsible counselors technique for six months.. Napoleon Hill is one of my spirit guide… My girlfriend left me one day and i asked him to convince her to come back.. I received a call from her one hour later.. He has helped me in many instances.. He has even told me things that will happen in the future and they did.. That guy is for real.. Trust me..


    2. And you should know that Napoleon Hill did not die… Not because of an accident or disease or anything.. The guy left his body to join the indian occult he wrote about in his last book GROW RICH WITH PEACE OF MIND.. Are You in anyway questioning the existence of the spirit world sir? Because a spirit from that indian cult came to me last year october so i know Napoleon didn’t lie about it


  2. And about angels.. Go on youtube and search Archangel Michael… That angel is for real.. He guides and protects so many people in the world.. I am not 100% sure if he is from infinite intelligence (God) but he is a good angel


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