You don’t have to be rich or brilliant or talented to make this world a better place by GIVING, you just have to care.

I was in this restaurant yesterday which is located in a poor neighbourhood when i decided to buy the waiters and chefs a bottle of coca cola each.

Which goes for around $0.30 a bottle.

I was surprised to see a Chef come all the way from the kitchen saying MAY GOD BLESS YOU SON, YOU HAVE A LOVING HEART. I HAVEN’T TAKEN ONE OF THESE IN A LONG TIME, THANKS AGAIN.

He left smiling.

I was so surprised just how you can make someone happy by $0.30

So just because you are not a Millionaire, don’t use that as an excuse.

Small acts of charity can go a long way.

If you can’t change someone’s life then change their day.

If you can’t change their day then change their minute, by all means GIVE and you’ll see how happy you’ll become.

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