How2 Start With What You Have.

@EmmanuelRockan So how the f*ck do you start when you have nothing to your name? Here’s how. And this post is directly related to my book START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE so make sure you buy it on Amazon. It has lots of money making secrets and here are some. The first thing that I’d … Continue reading How2 Start With What You Have.


​‘Love Yours’ my foot.

The act of ‘loving yours' is what we call conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom to me is oxymoron. It makes people typical mediocre and morons. When you love what you have and be satisfied with it then why would you need to aim high in life? Why would you wake up at 4 in the morning … Continue reading ​‘Love Yours’ my foot.

5 Dream Interpretations.

1.Being chased. Being chased is one of the most common dream that I know. It’s biggest problem is not the act of being chased. The problem is in this dream you usually run at a speed of twenty miles an hour while the thing chasing you is at two hundred miles an hour. No matter … Continue reading 5 Dream Interpretations.