​How2 know Your purpose on earth

There Are two important days in a man’s life. The day he was born And The Day He Finds Out Why. Show me your flaws and I’ll tell you why you were born. We humans have preprogrammed patterns of behavior which help teach us lessons which we must learn so as to serve our purpose … Continue reading ​How2 know Your purpose on earth



1.Act Porn This goes to those people who don’t care about what people say. Otherwise who doesn’t have sex? My mentor Donald J Trump says in his book THINK LIKE A BILLIONAIRE   that Bad Publicity is a no go. It is lame. But at any rate, it is far much better than no publicity at all. … Continue reading How2 be A CELEBRITY

​Fiction Book Writing

Writing a fiction book be it action or whatever, is all about ‘creating your own world.’ Fiction writers create their own worlds with languages and cultures of their choice. HOW TO ‘CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD.’ 1.what’s the time in your world? The past,present or future. Identify your target audience. People like me love movies and … Continue reading ​Fiction Book Writing

​INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. (Making of genius)

A genius is a man who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge (infinite intelligence) not available to man through the ordinary rate of thought. In my previous article SEX, I have mentioned that marriage brings one into communion with infinite … Continue reading ​INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. (Making of genius)


Now that I have your attention let’s talk about God. No, actually our today’s subject is marriage. Marriage IS NOT based on love. And I don’t know WTF came up with that stupid theory. If it were JUST based on love you wouldn’t hear of any divorce. Sex, however, is the determining factor. Accompanied by … Continue reading SEX

​Modern movies are Sh!t

Gone are the days when movies were movies. Movie series like White Collar  ,movies like  Burn Notice   The great times when the producers did not have to add adult scenes in their movies to make people overlook the fact that the movie itself is in the main boring.  These movie producers have become so desperate to a … Continue reading ​Modern movies are Sh!t


Like a wise man once pointed out, once you learn to read you'll forever be free. I got to admit that there are advantages to both but one outweighs the other by far. Below are five reasons as to why you should be reading instead of watching the TV.  1. First of all, reading pushes … Continue reading ​WHY READING BOOKS IS BETTER THAN WATCHING TV