​I wish I knew this earlier.

The lesson that you’ll get from this post might be the most important lesson in your entire life. It is the difference between white men and the rest of us. The reason behind all inventions which are of course done by the white man. Ever wondered the reason as to why men rarely become successful … Continue reading ​I wish I knew this earlier.


​Gay Son Vs Thug Son.

I’d like to start by saying that, both are stupid idiots. The good thing with a thug son is you can beat the thuggishness out of him or take him to the rehab of his kind, But you can’t beat gayness out of someone. They are just stuck up f*cks who can’t think outside the … Continue reading ​Gay Son Vs Thug Son.

How can you be GAY

No I will not mind my own business, how can you be gay? How can you be damn gay? How can I let a tough rough man sleep beside me, let alone touch me. HEY, WHO? ME? Come on give me a break. How do you even kiss a tough rough man?  A second please, … Continue reading How can you be GAY