How2 Start With What You Have.

@EmmanuelRockan So how the f*ck do you start when you have nothing to your name? Here’s how. And this post is directly related to my book START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE so make sure you buy it on Amazon. It has lots of money making secrets and here are some. The first thing that I’d … Continue reading How2 Start With What You Have.


​Africans stop embarrassing us

You Africans are the reason as to why my mentor called you ShitHole. I browsed through Floyd Mayweather's timeline and got really shocked seeing my fellow Africans embarrass themselves. They were telling him to help them financially. Get the hell out of here man. You don’t beg for something that you can earn. Do you … Continue reading ​Africans stop embarrassing us

​5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In.

1.Thrive. Thrive is a premium decentralized Ad marketplace. It is a blockchain based marketplace with it’s own cryptocurrency. It’s new and when it comes to cryptocurrency you are highly advised to invest as soon as you can because, take a look at Bitcoin. If you bought a single coin in Bitcoin in 2010, you should … Continue reading ​5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In.