​I wish I knew this earlier.

The lesson that you’ll get from this post might be the most important lesson in your entire life. It is the difference between white men and the rest of us. The reason behind all inventions which are of course done by the white man. Ever wondered the reason as to why men rarely become successful … Continue reading ​I wish I knew this earlier.



MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING is a phrase said by the people who know nothing about poverty or by hopeless indifferent sons of mothers. You don’t know poverty if your family has never lived by a single meal daily for twenty consecutive years. You’ll see a poor African criticizing money and quoting the Bible for it without … Continue reading ​WHY MONEY IS EVERYTHING.

​How to be lucky

Before I list my few points I’d like to be honest and say that I don’t believe in LUCK. I believe in cause and effect. It is my belief that good things do not come to those who wait, but to those that work hard. It’s all hard work.  Luck can be created into order … Continue reading ​How to be lucky

Black people are sh!t

I really used to hate my history teacher back in high school because he always said that being black is a curse and he was ashamed of being born black. I was young, innocent and stupid back then. Not tall, dark and handsome. ‘Why is this guy so mean to himself?’ This is a question … Continue reading Black people are sh!t

The Church is to Blame

This is personal It is personal because I witnessed everything in our house taken by a loan shark and we were left for the streets. I can’t and won’t blame the loan shark, he is doing business and considering the fact that he didn’t force his money on anyone.  I am a firm believer of … Continue reading The Church is to Blame

​Monarchy over Democracy Anytime

It is my belief that the men who brought about the idea of democracy did it looking out for the best interests of mankind.  This, however, brings about neocolonialism, dictatorship, greed, misuse of power, ethnicity, corruption and all sorts of things.  Study Africa and you’ll get to know what I am talking about first hand. … Continue reading ​Monarchy over Democracy Anytime