​Africans stop embarrassing us

You Africans are the reason as to why my mentor called you ShitHole. I browsed through Floyd Mayweather's timeline and got really shocked seeing my fellow Africans embarrass themselves. They were telling him to help them financially. Get the hell out of here man. You don’t beg for something that you can earn. Do you … Continue reading ​Africans stop embarrassing us


​How to sell your kidneys.

You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. If you die poor and there was something you could do about it then YOU HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME. There are many sites online where you can sell your kidney. That sucker goes for $70k-100k. If I were desperate like you though … Continue reading ​How to sell your kidneys.

​‘Love Yours’ my foot.

The act of ‘loving yours' is what we call conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom to me is oxymoron. It makes people typical mediocre and morons. When you love what you have and be satisfied with it then why would you need to aim high in life? Why would you wake up at 4 in the morning … Continue reading ​‘Love Yours’ my foot.

 ​Blog Post Distribution Channels.

1.Pinterest Pinterest is my personal preference because it is more of a search engine than a SM site. It even increases the chances of your blog post appearing on Google or bing when people search for information there. Pinterest is a free channel for building your brand and it beats most paid sites like Facebook … Continue reading  ​Blog Post Distribution Channels.

​Must have Survival Tools.

When travelling or going out for fun always remember to have these things with you. And I’ll tell you why. 5 must haves when going out. 1.A flint/lighter. 2.4 cans of food. 3.A 2-litre bottle of water…with water of course. 4.A hunting knife. 5.An analog phone. In my favorite TV program ULTIMATE SURVIVAL I heard … Continue reading ​Must have Survival Tools.

​Set Goals & Know When to stop.

If you don’t know about this then it’ll be my pleasure to educate you on KNOWING WHEN TO STOP. My aunt was a very happy lady when she reached the middle class status at age 23. I used to live with her. After 5 years of getting richer and richer the more miserable she got. … Continue reading ​Set Goals & Know When to stop.

​Monarchy over Democracy Anytime.

PART 2. If you haven’t read PART 1  of this post I’d highly suggest you go check it out first because that’s where the juice is. What I love about monarchy. Monarchy brings about the BALANCE OF POWER. In that, the monarch serves as a symbolic and non-political head of state, while the political power and … Continue reading ​Monarchy over Democracy Anytime.

​Is Church the highest paying Business?

I know of this “man of God” who made a million dollars from his church and fled the country. That guy stood before his congregation and told them that, “If you send $200 to my account, the church will build you a house by the end of the year.” What a proposal. Within a year … Continue reading ​Is Church the highest paying Business?

​Culture is Shit.

Did you know, in this day and age there’s somebody somewhere in Africa who using a Mobile phone would be over his dead body? In south Africa and Namibia there still exists what we used to call bushman. A bush man Is the typical African who hates education, technology, clothes, cars, and everything invented by … Continue reading ​Culture is Shit.

NEW Coollaboration AWARD!

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What does collaboration mean to you? Discover what 2 bloggers have to say about the topic!
Collaboration is all about working the best way possible with other people. But most of all it is about bringing the BEST of each person to the table and mutually correct other’s mistakes. The aim is to create something of better quality than if you were to do it on your own. In order to achieve that, you really need to understand HOW the other person works and how you can bring the best in them, how you can motivate them because everybody works differently. How are they smart? Don’t give up on them. There is a way the other person’s brain works better and produces better results. When you find that, you find the true power of collaboration and group work. A bit like uncovering a superpower really!

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