​Blogging on Twitter.

Twitter is WordPress which has a bigger audience and you can only post few lines of content on it. The length of the post is the only difference. If you are a serious blogger please sign up on Twitter. Ever since I created a Twitter account I have got more reviews on my book START … Continue reading ​Blogging on Twitter.

How2 earn $25 daily

I've got payments recently from this ad company as an affiliate marketer. The company's name is Payoneer.  When you earn up to $100 they'll add extra $25 to your account. Free money.. That's why I insist on gaining knowledge daily. You might be going through hard times because of a very small issue that you'd beat … Continue reading How2 earn $25 daily

​Biggest mistake when self publishing.

Assuming Shit. I just heard something about my book that I wasn’t aware of myself. I Written my word document, published it online thinking that the publishers would ‘take care' of the rest. I’ll use my words against myself and say that when you are self publishing, you are your own everything. You get to … Continue reading ​Biggest mistake when self publishing.

​A Reblog in exchange for my Book.

I don’t believe in something for nothing so I will not ask for a favor without giving one. If you reblog my previous blog post I will send you a free PDF book of my book.   START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE If you reblog and go to an extend of leaving a review of my … Continue reading ​A Reblog in exchange for my Book.

My Book is live on Amazon.

The day is finally here. My book START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE  wealth,Health & success is now live on Amazon with a free trial version. You can first go through the trial version and buy the full paid version if the trial version interests you. If you trust my work you can go ahead and buy … Continue reading My Book is live on Amazon.

​How2 Find good Ideas.

Finding good ideas doesn’t happen just because you want it to. Good ideas are kept safe for those that search. If you search for ideas you’ll find them. When you start searching for good ideas the odds are excellent you will find. You have to go to the seminar, you have to read the book. … Continue reading ​How2 Find good Ideas.

​Free Blogging Hack.

The first thing that you need to do is to start blogging inside Facebook. Blog too on Twitter and Instagram. Blogging on these platforms means writing 50-100 words of your thoughts like you do on your blog. At the end of the post you should now write the link to your blog for people to … Continue reading ​Free Blogging Hack.

​Getting Rid Of Anxiety For Good

There’s a trick that I’ve been using lately and it got rid of my anxiety completely within days. Anxiety is all in the mind so what you have to do is reprogram your brain by a mantra. Mantras work. I got results in twenty four hours after several affirmations. I started feeling better the next … Continue reading ​Getting Rid Of Anxiety For Good

​How to write a back blurb

A back blurb is the sales pitch of your book. Once a reader’s attention is grabbed by your book cover, they flip it over to read the back blurb to know what your book constitutes. How to go about it. 1.Use Keywords. By keywords I mean, if let’s say for example your fiction book is … Continue reading ​How to write a back blurb

​5 Mistakes people make when Self Publishing

1.Not Buying ISBN. We are humans, I understand we love free stuff, but when KDP or CreateSpace assign you a free ISBN, your book is as good as not published. Unless of course you have a huge following on social media. Enough people to buy your book and spread the word. Cheap is expensive. When … Continue reading ​5 Mistakes people make when Self Publishing