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*Follow For Follow* I just created a Twitter account guys and I'd really appreciate your FollowForFollow. Follow the link below  @EmmanuelRockan And you'll see something like This.


​1000 Followers in 14 Weeks.

*Meet And Greet Bloggers* I always appreciate my loyal readers and my blog’s participants but this time I’ve decided to do something better. I’ll mention them by end month when I hit 1300 followers milestone. What you’ll do today before sharing your blogs below is join my Google+ Community  Bloggers and Blogging This is where … Continue reading ​1000 Followers in 14 Weeks.

How2 Know a bad person

Today I have decided to post a short article on my latest findings on the easiest way to Identify a bad person.  This is in connection with an article  SIGNS OF A TOXIC PERSON  I posted in the first week of this month where I have discussed this topic in detail. says that it is … Continue reading How2 Know a bad person

​Always Help Someone,You Might Be The Only One Who does

It hurts. I am a believer of OUR MAIN PURPOSE ON EARTH IS TO HELP ONE ANOTHER, AND IF YOU CAN’T, AT LEAST DON’T HURT THEM. Just leave them be. Each and every person that you meet, has more than enough problems. They are fighting battles that you know nothing of. That boy being bullied … Continue reading ​Always Help Someone,You Might Be The Only One Who does