​Blogging on Twitter.

Twitter is WordPress which has a bigger audience and you can only post few lines of content on it. The length of the post is the only difference. If you are a serious blogger please sign up on Twitter. Ever since I created a Twitter account I have got more reviews on my book START … Continue reading ​Blogging on Twitter.


 ​Blog Post Distribution Channels.

1.Pinterest Pinterest is my personal preference because it is more of a search engine than a SM site. It even increases the chances of your blog post appearing on Google or bing when people search for information there. Pinterest is a free channel for building your brand and it beats most paid sites like Facebook … Continue reading  ​Blog Post Distribution Channels.

​Amazon vs Facebook Ad Book advertising.

You have written your book and self published it well on KDP. Now what? You have to choose between running Ads on Amazon or Facebook to maximize on sales. My personal preference is running Amazon Ads. Tell you what, people don’t move from one site to another easily..  You can’t share your blog post on … Continue reading ​Amazon vs Facebook Ad Book advertising.