The only GET RICH QUICK that works.

Spiritual forces of man. There are two ways by which to make money.. One is through hard work , and the second is through the spiritual forces which all of us are blessed. I only know two ways through which you can Change your whole life completely in 12 months.. Turning a frog to a … Continue reading The only GET RICH QUICK that works.


How2 Start With What You Have.

@EmmanuelRockan So how the f*ck do you start when you have nothing to your name? Here’s how. And this post is directly related to my book START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE so make sure you buy it on Amazon. It has lots of money making secrets and here are some. The first thing that I’d … Continue reading How2 Start With What You Have.

​Africans stop embarrassing us

You Africans are the reason as to why my mentor called you ShitHole. I browsed through Floyd Mayweather's timeline and got really shocked seeing my fellow Africans embarrass themselves. They were telling him to help them financially. Get the hell out of here man. You don’t beg for something that you can earn. Do you … Continue reading ​Africans stop embarrassing us


MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING is a phrase said by the people who know nothing about poverty or by hopeless indifferent sons of mothers. You don’t know poverty if your family has never lived by a single meal daily for twenty consecutive years. You’ll see a poor African criticizing money and quoting the Bible for it without … Continue reading ​WHY MONEY IS EVERYTHING.

​How to be lucky

Before I list my few points I’d like to be honest and say that I don’t believe in LUCK. I believe in cause and effect. It is my belief that good things do not come to those who wait, but to those that work hard. It’s all hard work.  Luck can be created into order … Continue reading ​How to be lucky

​Why educated men go NO WHERE

Before I discuss my five points I’d like to make something clear. Men of education seldom make any noteworthy achievements in life. Professors are the most educated people right? These guys have but little money. If you doubt this, consult the payroll of any university. I did my research and below I’ll share with you … Continue reading ​Why educated men go NO WHERE

​Poor people are Sh!t

In my article Why we look down on ourselves I have stated that the main cause of stress nowadays and anxiety is having toxic people in your life. I have been conducting a research on my own over the last few years and here are my conclusions.. The worst thing you could ever have as a friend … Continue reading ​Poor people are Sh!t

​Don’t raise a brat

Show me a great man who is the son of a great man. Subsequent studies over the past ages of mankind have proved beyond doubt that all men of noteworthy achievements give birth to losers.  This universal truth stands to be opposed by no one to this very moment that you are reading this article. … Continue reading ​Don’t raise a brat

The Church is to Blame

This is personal It is personal because I witnessed everything in our house taken by a loan shark and we were left for the streets. I can’t and won’t blame the loan shark, he is doing business and considering the fact that he didn’t force his money on anyone.  I am a firm believer of … Continue reading The Church is to Blame


So you are short,broke and ugly? so what? Will you sit on the floor and cry like the little b*tch you are or will you do something about it like a man. It is all the other things that make up for your inability. There are lots of things that you can do to get … Continue reading SO YOU ARE SHORT,BROKE AND UGLY