Men, we need to talk. Men nowadays have become so feminized that they can’t even impregnate a woman. Me included. But not for that impregnating part. No, I’m strong. You guys have become so useless that your women have the guts to shout at you. Or even beat you up. But why? You are sleeping … Continue reading ​FOR MEN ONLY.


​Rich kids don’t Cry.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but children of rich people rarely cry. This is the reason. Children use their imagination to find ways to communicate their needs and wants to their parents. The poor kids discover that their parents never give them what they want. Infact the most common word used by poor … Continue reading ​Rich kids don’t Cry.

​Respect is created, not earned.

Is anyone disrespecting you? TAKE A FUCKING LOOK AT YOUR PRICE TAG. Are you too forgiving? Are you too understanding? Lack of boundaries causes lack of respect. Below I’ll share with you 2 Tips on how to create your respect but first listen When let’s say an employee asks you a personal question, you might … Continue reading ​Respect is created, not earned.

Your mom is holding you back

Wise words from GARY VAYNERCHUK. And the funniest thing is that every person who came from rags to riches, like the owner of STARBUCKS, has this common advice, YOUR PARENTS ARE LETTING YOU DOWN. I was going through Facebook on my quest for knowledge and I found a video with the same message as my … Continue reading Your mom is holding you back

​Fear Of The Dark

During the day I don’t believe in ghosts, but at night am a little bit more open-minded. Fear of the dark is common in childhood, but in some cases like mine it still affects some adults. Until last month i used to sleep with the lights on. Part of the reason I live in a … Continue reading ​Fear Of The Dark

​Don’t raise a brat

Show me a great man who is the son of a great man. Subsequent studies over the past ages of mankind have proved beyond doubt that all men of noteworthy achievements give birth to losers.  This universal truth stands to be opposed by no one to this very moment that you are reading this article. … Continue reading ​Don’t raise a brat