​Happy Valentine’s day.

There was a time I had to ‘divorce' my girlfriend when I was a kid because it was on Valentine’s and I wasn’t able to buy her anything. I wanted to annoy her so she would get mad at me and not talk to me the next day which was Valentine’s and apologize to her … Continue reading ​Happy Valentine’s day.

You are the Hoe,Love is Real.

Love is not just a word. I really pity people who don’t believe in love. When going through the timelines of some people I read things like… FUCK LOVE or LOVE IS JUST A WORD or ALL MEN ARE DOGS. Dogs like this german shepherd of mine. When you study these people you’ll find that … Continue reading You are the Hoe,Love is Real.


Now that I have your attention let’s talk about God. No, actually our today’s subject is marriage. Marriage IS NOT based on love. And I don’t know WTF came up with that stupid theory. If it were JUST based on love you wouldn’t hear of any divorce. Sex, however, is the determining factor. Accompanied by … Continue reading SEX

​Why you should date a writer

Below are 5 reasons as to why you should date a writer 1.Writers are inexpensive I’ve seen poor people get rich and go back to being poor due to minor causes which would be prevented. A small leak can sink a ship so the last thing you want is a significant other who is a … Continue reading ​Why you should date a writer

How2 get a gal & respect

ASSonary (being an asshole) Ladies hate good humble men  though they don’t consciously know it. Go ask each and every woman you meet, they’ll all say that they love good men, but check the list of their exes. They are all assholes who cheated on her constantly and maybe beat her   if she asked. You’ll … Continue reading How2 get a gal & respect

Hot friends are sh!t

If you’ve ever wondered what’s worse than a cheating girlfriend or someone eating your avocado, today the answer will be availed to you.  The answer is, having a friend who is more handsome or beautiful than you. A sword to the eye is far much better than having a friend who is more attractive than … Continue reading Hot friends are sh!t