​Biggest mistake when self publishing.

Assuming Shit. I just heard something about my book that I wasn’t aware of myself. I Written my word document, published it online thinking that the publishers would ‘take care' of the rest. I’ll use my words against myself and say that when you are self publishing, you are your own everything. You get to … Continue reading ​Biggest mistake when self publishing.


​Amazon vs Facebook Ad Book advertising.

You have written your book and self published it well on KDP. Now what? You have to choose between running Ads on Amazon or Facebook to maximize on sales. My personal preference is running Amazon Ads. Tell you what, people don’t move from one site to another easily..  You can’t share your blog post on … Continue reading ​Amazon vs Facebook Ad Book advertising.

​How to write a back blurb

A back blurb is the sales pitch of your book. Once a reader’s attention is grabbed by your book cover, they flip it over to read the back blurb to know what your book constitutes. How to go about it. 1.Use Keywords. By keywords I mean, if let’s say for example your fiction book is … Continue reading ​How to write a back blurb

​5 Mistakes people make when Self Publishing

1.Not Buying ISBN. We are humans, I understand we love free stuff, but when KDP or CreateSpace assign you a free ISBN, your book is as good as not published. Unless of course you have a huge following on social media. Enough people to buy your book and spread the word. Cheap is expensive. When … Continue reading ​5 Mistakes people make when Self Publishing

Advantages & Demerits of Self-Publishing.

Just like everything else in the world self publishing has it’s own positives and negatives. Advantages Of Self publishing. 1.Your reader gets the message as you wanted them to. When you go down the road of traditional publishing, your book must be ‘corrected’ and rewritten by the editors. This, mostly ends up in the editor … Continue reading Advantages & Demerits of Self-Publishing.

​On Writing and Self Publishing

Gone are the days when one would write a good book only for it to be rejected by the publishers.  Very good books like RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki faced rejection by the publishers. which means if a best selling book could face rejection, then there were some good books which were never … Continue reading ​On Writing and Self Publishing