Men, we need to talk. Men nowadays have become so feminized that they can’t even impregnate a woman. Me included. But not for that impregnating part. No, I’m strong. You guys have become so useless that your women have the guts to shout at you. Or even beat you up. But why? You are sleeping … Continue reading ​FOR MEN ONLY.


​Your dress your choice MY FOOT

Ladies oh ladies!!!!!! Who lied to you that you have to dress half naked to be considered sexy? Below are 4 reasons why half naked dressing is a bad idea. Thank me later 1.Who will marry you? I Emmanuel Rockan and any other sane man out there have no genuine interest in clothes fearing women. … Continue reading ​Your dress your choice MY FOOT

​Respect Women? No

So women want respect and equality? Okay, I too want a Nobel Peace Prize and a Grammy award   but I won’t get any of that unless I work for it and deserve it. Now before y’all judge me listen first. I believe in what feminists stand for as in equal opportunities for both men and … Continue reading ​Respect Women? No