​Blogging on Twitter.

Twitter is WordPress which has a bigger audience and you can only post few lines of content on it. The length of the post is the only difference. If you are a serious blogger please sign up on Twitter. Ever since I created a Twitter account I have got more reviews on my book START … Continue reading ​Blogging on Twitter.


 ​Blog Post Distribution Channels.

1.Pinterest Pinterest is my personal preference because it is more of a search engine than a SM site. It even increases the chances of your blog post appearing on Google or bing when people search for information there. Pinterest is a free channel for building your brand and it beats most paid sites like Facebook … Continue reading  ​Blog Post Distribution Channels.

​Free Blogging Hack.

The first thing that you need to do is to start blogging inside Facebook. Blog too on Twitter and Instagram. Blogging on these platforms means writing 50-100 words of your thoughts like you do on your blog. At the end of the post you should now write the link to your blog for people to … Continue reading ​Free Blogging Hack.

​Getting Rid Of Anxiety For Good

There’s a trick that I’ve been using lately and it got rid of my anxiety completely within days. Anxiety is all in the mind so what you have to do is reprogram your brain by a mantra. Mantras work. I got results in twenty four hours after several affirmations. I started feeling better the next … Continue reading ​Getting Rid Of Anxiety For Good

​How to write a back blurb

A back blurb is the sales pitch of your book. Once a reader’s attention is grabbed by your book cover, they flip it over to read the back blurb to know what your book constitutes. How to go about it. 1.Use Keywords. By keywords I mean, if let’s say for example your fiction book is … Continue reading ​How to write a back blurb

​5 Mistakes people make when Self Publishing

1.Not Buying ISBN. We are humans, I understand we love free stuff, but when KDP or CreateSpace assign you a free ISBN, your book is as good as not published. Unless of course you have a huge following on social media. Enough people to buy your book and spread the word. Cheap is expensive. When … Continue reading ​5 Mistakes people make when Self Publishing


1.Blog for a niche in your target audience This is the best way to rewrite your blog posts of the past which make no sense just being there  because no one is reading them anyways. I have blogs like  WHY AREN'T THEY READING MY BLOG  which are good and no one is reading them because they … Continue reading ​7 BLOGGING IDEAS.

Advantages & Demerits of Self-Publishing.

Just like everything else in the world self publishing has it’s own positives and negatives. Advantages Of Self publishing. 1.Your reader gets the message as you wanted them to. When you go down the road of traditional publishing, your book must be ‘corrected’ and rewritten by the editors. This, mostly ends up in the editor … Continue reading Advantages & Demerits of Self-Publishing.

​How2 Write A Self-Help Book

1.Write as if you are writing to one person. The key factor to your book not to look like a boring college lecture is making it ‘conversational.’ Know your target audience first. Let’s say your target audience is fat people who want to cut weight. Narrow your audience down to one single person and write … Continue reading ​How2 Write A Self-Help Book

​Blogging,How2 Have a BLOG That Kicks Butt.

4 TIPS. 1.Master this simple but effective SEO tool of Fresh Content. We all want our blog posts to show up on search engines such as Google right? Search engines like fresh content and they can find out how often you blog. When I started blogging, my posts would only appear on (not big time) … Continue reading ​Blogging,How2 Have a BLOG That Kicks Butt.