Body Building day 87

I look like a normal person now..(pic below)..Atleast.. But i did not come this far only to come this far. Give me the pain, Give me the suffering.. Who will carry the boats?Ain't nothing but a peanut.

The expense of spirit (lust.)

William Shakespeare- 129 sonnet. The expense of spirit in a waste of shameIs lust in action: and till action, lustIs perjured, murderous, bloody, full of blame,Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust;Enjoyed no sooner but despised straight;Past reason hunted; and no sooner had,Past reason hated, as a swallowed bait,On purpose laid to make the taker … Continue reading The expense of spirit (lust.)

NEW Coollaboration AWARD!

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What does collaboration mean to you? Discover what 2 bloggers have to say about the topic!
Collaboration is all about working the best way possible with other people. But most of all it is about bringing the BEST of each person to the table and mutually correct other’s mistakes. The aim is to create something of better quality than if you were to do it on your own. In order to achieve that, you really need to understand HOW the other person works and how you can bring the best in them, how you can motivate them because everybody works differently. How are they smart? Don’t give up on them. There is a way the other person’s brain works better and produces better results. When you find that, you find the true power of collaboration and group work. A bit like uncovering a superpower really!

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​500 followers in 4 weeks

Meet and Greet (Bloggers) I have been a blogger on WordPress for four weeks now and I am really grateful for the love am getting here on WordPress so I’ve decided to give back to “the society” by giving you guys a chance to advertise your blogs in the comment section below. I’ve seen people … Continue reading ​500 followers in 4 weeks